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Detroit Fuck City #2

Producer's Note: This movie was shot as one scene in its entirety. This film has been minimally edited in an effort to preserve all the great action, text and conversation of our 2nd Detroit Fuck Party as it happened. We trust you will enjoy it as much as we did making it for you.

If you picked up our previous release [Detroit Fuck City] you got a chance to see how Cassidy, our Hot Bubble Assed College Bottom boy got fucked, and used by a bunch of Hot dicked studs. He was hungry for all the cock that he was fed, and thirsty for the loads that were splashed in his face…Detroit Fuck City #2 has Cassidy coming back for more.

Knowing what an absolute sex pig Cassidy is, We organized a bigger and better sex party in an attempt to satisfy his insatiable appetite for cock, getting fucked, and cum. You tell us whether we succeeded.

We recruited 8 Hot Studs and stipulated 3 conditions that needed to be met in order to get a piece of Cassidy's ass…
1] No Sex for 5 days prior to the Fuck Party.
2] No Jerking Off / Cumshot for 5 days prior to the Fuck Party.
3] Each load shot during the Fuck Party is for Cassidy's sweet face and must be fed to his waiting mouth and tongue.

All of the Top studs obliged and were only too happy to save themselves for a chance to fuck one of the Hottest College boyz that they had seen in years.

Seeing and Knowing Cassidy from the original Detroit Fuck City, each Top guy realized that Cassidy is all man...from his terrifically toned body, and well defined torso, to that rich and deep Midwest accent ...Straight, Rugged, and Adorable all in the same package.

Don't be fooled!!! Lightening does strike twice in the place…We met up at the same seedy Hotel that we shot the original film at… It was Hot, Sweaty, and Steamy…and yet again, Cassidy was able to live out his fantasy of being a Manpussy for a bunch of Loaded Top Dicks.

Cassidy spares no time, and instinctively is on his hands and knees sucking cock, licking balls, and eagerly awaiting his first reward…The taste of Man Cum…Looking directly into his Tops eyes and face, you can see the look of anticipation and thirst of Cassidy's face…Loosing all control, the Top guy explodes onto Cassidy's mouth and tongue exclaiming 'Fuck, your face is so hot…and I can't hold back…Take it bitch…Take my mother-fucking load of manjizz'…This is the first of many rewards Cassidy gets during this Fuck Party.

Within seconds that scene turns into an Explosive and Hot Fuck Party…each guy just witnessing what is yet to come, strips off as quickly as they can, showing Cassidy what they have to offer…Each guy is hard as a rock, licking, kissing, manhandling each other… Cassidy sucking off two cocks, with the taste of cum still in mouth from the first guy…Not to mention a long tongue stuck up his ass, rimming and eating him out…Cassidy perches his ass and gives the Top studs the signal…He looks up and says 'I'm ready to fucked guys…and don't feel shy about it…I came here to be a whore for you.'

Getting a sweet taste of Cassidy's smooth man-cunt, all of the Tops are stiff and hard and ready to plow 'That Hot Fuck Hole'.

Each Top stud takes Cassidy in every position, Doggie style, Standing up, Bent over, Legs up in the air, Mounting him from behind like a fuck pig and pile driving his ass. Cassidy is hard as a rock throughout each pounding. His dick bouncing up and down, back and forth with each thrust. With his face buried in some other guyz crotch sucking his hard cock.

Cock sucking, ass-eating, and thick gooey loads of cum...These Tops deliver multiple loads of cumshot throughout the Fuck Party… Cassidy gobbles up every drop cum and is fed his own load from his Tops' hand...He licks and savors each drop...You can see in his eyes he wants more... Our sex party ends with everyone covered in heat and sweat, with Cassidy lying on the bed eating everyone's jizz-load, licking his fingers not wasting a drop.

We finish our filming event with a much needed shower...We join Cassidy winding down himself, relaxing in the shower, washing and lathering up... We get a chance to watch streams of hot water trickle down his chiseled chest and pecs, lather up his crotch and rinse his fantasy away...Cassidy realizes that yet again, he has just lived out one of his most desired fantasies, bigger and better than the last time…and knows that he has had 70 inches worth of cock plowing his ass deep and hard, spewing out massive quantities of cum for him to feast on... He explains that the next Fuck Party he wants: 'to move into double digits and do 10, 20,or 30 guyz…over the course of an entire weekend.'

How can we not oblige him???
Enjoy this film…It is rare to find a guy that is doing this for the sheer pleasure of being a used as a fuck whore…Cassidy is that guy and it shows.

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Detroit Fuck City #2

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