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Bustin' My Nut

Producer's Note: If you saw our most recent movie release 'A1 Straight Studs Vol #2' you saw some really great looking guyz showing it off, jerking it off, and dropping huge wads of cum…Those Studs were hot enough and horny enough that I didn't want to miss having them shoot their wads for the camera…Bustin' My Nut is about young good looking Straight Guyz that have fantasized about being in front of the camera, and playing around with other guyz… Each of these scenes are unique in how they came about and some of the 'dares' I put the models thru…I hope you enjoy the film…


He is a tall, lean and defined college guy I bumped into while cruising the college campus. I had seen him a couple of times in the Bookstore, and Campus Cafeteria, and knew that this guy was worth pursuing…I eventually followed him into the bathroom and just like every other porn producer does, made sure I checked out his dick while he was taking a piss. Jake knew it, and had no problem showing it off. Within a couple of minutes I sparked up a conversation and within the hour we were in a Hotel room just off campus filming this scene. He is 6'6' smooth, boyish, and has a monster of a cock at 8 x 6 cut and thick. Jake, got really hot during the scene. His dick was hard from the word 'Go' and he loved showing it off in front of the camera. He fucks himself deep and hard with a very long double headed dildo, and even shows off in the Hotel window to some of the folks on the street…A true exhibitionist…He spews out a huge nut worth of cum all over himself, his hands and cock…The cum is thick, gooey, and plentiful. Jake said afterwards that we found him just at the right time. This blast was just what he needed as he had not busted his nut for 3 full days……the camera was very glad to have captured it…

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Hot Guyz

This scene was very hot to film, as these guyz had a really great chemistry. The Hot Guy in the scene with a 'Tattoo' is a married straight guy, and his buddy is his Gay lover. These guys tear up the screen, the sex is electric, and from the get go there were no qualms about being loud, verbal, and totally into each other. Both of these guyz are smooth, fit and toned, the married guy is very hot. You can see in his eyes how hungry he really is for cock and for cum…See these guyz, suck each other off, rim each other out, play with each other's holes and ride a very hot double headed dildo deep on both ends. They shoot the biggest wads of cum into each other's faces. The married guy gets a very hot load of spunk jizzed right in his face. See the hot stream of cum land on his tongue and cheeks, and the pure pleasure on his face, as he eats his boyfriends nut…These Hot guyz finish each other off in the shower, with some more rimming, very hot soapy lathering, and lots of body contact…This was a great way to spend a Sunday Afternoon…..

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Pick Up Lines

This scene came about completely unexpected and off the cuff…While on some business, I was staying at a large Hotel chain, that seemed to be littered with really great looking straight guyz…Sitting in the Hotel bar, and having a few drinks, I zeroed in on this guy that seemed to be targeting in on me…He pulls up next to me at the bar, and we start chatting…After a couple of minutes of polite conversation he asks ' so what brings you here'…I say ' I'm here shooting some porn'…His face lit up like a Christmas tree…and I could see in his pants his dick getting hard as we continued to talk…I could tell that the thought and prospect of his fantasies becoming reality was enough to work him into a frenzy…Within an hour we were planning the scene that he would be part of…He made it very clear that he loved being a show off, and that flashing his cock is a big turn on for him…as I could see by the huge chubby sitting in his pants right in front of me…We start the scene in Hotel's pool area, and we go for a quick swim and whirlpool, as he pops out of the pool, you can see the woody he is sporting, as could some of the other Hotels guests…As we leave the pool, and hop on the elevator, he is only to quick to flash and show off his cock during the elevator ride back up to the 32nd floor…see him with his cock hanging out, hard as a rock as we leave the elevator, and make our way back to the room…This guy was Hot and Horny from the outset…he fucks the bed, fucks the pillow, and perches his smooth ass up in the air, just begging to be fucked and played with…he brings himself to hot orgasm, and shoots his nut all over his hand…We wind down with a hot shower and soapy lather, and the promise that if our paths ever meet again, that he will do a full nude public scene…

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Phone Contact

Playing around the 976 phone lines can be quite fun, as I learned…Have you ever heard an advertisement like this before ' 1 night only, Gay Porn Producer in town seeking good looking, horny guyz that want to model, make some quick cash, message me direct for a hook up'…This is exactly what I advertised on my last nite on business…And this is how I found this Tanned, Blonde haired Straight guy from San Diego…Within 15 minutes of completing the phone connection, this Hot Guy was at my Hotel suite with his pants down showing off his great smile, smooth tanned body, and his great cut dick…The timing worked out perfectly, as he had some spare time before he needed to pick up his Girlfriend from work…This guy had a hot hard dick, that he stroked and played with to perfection…He busts his nut all over his legs, thighs, and cock… pearly white thick gobs …See this guy taste himself, and brag about how he usually shoots twice as much. He apologizes for blowing a load earlier in the morning and boasts that there could have been more !!…Wow!!! To have a Nut that powerful, would be every cum-eater's dream come true…This guy lathers up, soaps down, and showers off…He was a cute Straight guy experimenting with his fantasies, and loving the opportunity to show off for the camera… Being at the right place at the right time…has its rewards…Enjoy it!!!

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Bustin' My Nut

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