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A1 Straight Studs #1

Amateur Video Scene #1

Max is a great looking straight guy that we bumped into at the local gym one afternoon...very handsome, rugged, beautiful body, cut and defined. We could see the intensity in his face during his workout that this guy was all power and all force. Manliness and masculinity dripped off every inch of his chiseled body. We invited Max back for a private session. He was only too quick to accept and even quicker to show it off. As he says 'I know I've got a great body' and ' I love showing it off'. Max gives the camera a great display of solo action and raw heat. He strips, fucks the couch, fucks the pillows, and pumps a huge, thick, steaming load of cum from his 8+ cut dick.

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Amateur Video Scene #2

Brett and Luke are a couple of fuck buddies that came to audition for our cameras. Brett [the White Guy] and Luke [the Black Guy] have a great time getting each other off. The scene starts with Brett salivating in anticipation to gorge on Luke's big black dick, Brett is only too quick to bury his face in Luke's crotch. There is some very intense cocksucking, nipple play, and commands happening. Luke knows how he wants to be serviced and makes sure that he gets it. The heat and intensity moves into the kitchen where Luke starts to pound a hard fuck into Brett's tight asshole. Luke mounts Brett from behind and gets into his groove. The final stage of the fuck session take us into the bedroom where Luke throws Brett's' legs up and starts to tease the fuck out of his ass, as Brett begs to be fucked Luke sprays a huge load of Black Cock Jizz all over his hand. Our producer exclaims 'Great Load - who wants it? Brett eager to taste what is rightfully his, eagerly gobbles up Luke's impressive cum load out of the cup of his hand, licks in between his fingers, and makes sure that he gets every last drop. Brett ass still eager, gets some very intense dildo and butt plug action ending with Brett popping a load out of himself. The chemistry between these guyz was terrific. They were loud, vocal, and into each other completely.

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Amateur Video Scene #3

Nick is an amateur fashion catalogue model with a great face, great smile, and a terrific, tall and rugged physique. At 6'2 and 190 solid manly pounds, Nick is a true specimen of what its like to be young, straight, built and horny. Very proud of his body Nick shows us just how uninhibited he really is. Also eager to talk about his caliber and his sexual escapades, Nick explains 'that he is always horny, hard, and has an endless amount of spooge available for any lucky chick that wants it. Nick strips, poses, and shows off his awesome physique. So much so, that during the film shoot [the producer's neighbors in a nearby building were also watching the filming of the scene from their own balcony]. Nick was so turned on by his audience...He gave added pleasure to the camera. Our producer uses kitchen counters and tables as props and he shoots the footage from underneath Nick's straight asshole, and from above Nick's body. At one point the camera is facing up directly into Nick face, and there are some great shots of Nick's hard dick bobbing up into his face. From that vantage point the camera is able to focus on every inch of Nick masculinity and handsomeness. The scene ends with a Nick blowing a wonderful load of loose cum all over his chest and stomach. As Nick candidly adds 'That was well needed. I could feel the load bubbling inside me wanting to get out'. I think the neighbors were also impressed as Nick stands and takes his bow. This was a rare opportunity to capture and shouldn't be missed.

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A1 Straight Studs #1

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