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Straight Cock Smackers #2

Lynxxx (The College Student)

We found Lynxxx working in a local greasy spoon, flipping burgers and serving it up, this real guy had a great set of arms and pecs, that our talent scouts knew needed to be scene...Lynxxx has a great body, and was only to quick to show off his black hard-on after a hard days work...He shoots his loads and shows off his naked sweaty body.

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Viper (The House Painter)

What can we say...Other than what an absolutely fine specimen of Fine and Rugged Masculinity. We found Viper finishing a paint job near our office...We could clearly see in his painter's pants he definitely had something to offer...We were delighted to find that his 8++ Uncut Cock was just waiting to be seen. See this straight guy, strip and show off his huge piss slit and the hot streaming wad of cum that he shoots.

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Tim (The Corporate Executive)

This hot married Executive dropped by in his 3 piece black suit and tie...and was only to eager to drop his straight load... Always eager to be naked, his dick pops right out of his pants when he disrobes. This buddy just can't wait to start jerking out his load...showing his gay buddies how a straight guy cumz...See him spew his cum in a straight stream that shoots across the floor...Delicious.

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Franklin (The Construction Worker)

We saw Franklin lifting planks, moving wheel barrels full of rubble, and carrying 2x4 pieces of drywall at the construction site...Little did we know his own 2x4, turned out to be an uncut 8x5 inch dick...standing straight up...Franklin is a huge man 6'4' 220 lbs of pure and raw manhood...Horny and eager to be filmed...He delivered a great load of straight cum.

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Fred (The City Worker)

While visiting the Nation's Capital we saw Derek working the city streets and knew there was something special underneath the City's Uniform...and we were right...Masculine, Straight, Smooth, and proud of his dick...We hooked up right after his shift...This straight guy couldn't wait to show it off...He jerks, He plays, and he drives himself into a frenzy and looses a very big cumload.

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Straight Cock Smackers #2

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