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Stacked Muscle #1 - The Big Bulge


At 26, he was a Canadian Martial Arts Champion. Now at 31, he is a Professional Kick Boxing fighter. He's publicly known, and His body is pure muscle. He's big, tall and ripped.

Statistics: Height: 6'1, Weight: 197 lbs, Chest: 47', Waist: 31', Arms: 17.5', Thighs: 26', Cock: 8+ Cut

He poses down, pumps and flexes for the Camera. This is for the true Muscle Worshipper. The Gladiator is smooth, stacked, and rock hard during this film shoot. There's nothing small about him, each muscle is a precision instrument, finely tuned, and ready for a work out. Watch this Muscle Stud deliver his powerful load, and drain his cum filled nuts. The Gladiator's body shakes, and jerks as he thrusts 6 streams of cum, all over the floor and footstool. Afterwards, the film's producer gives you close-ups of the Gladiators hot sticky load. Playing with it between his fingers, there is more than a mouthful. Hungry? We were!
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We found Joshua while surfing the web. We stumbled across his website One of the hottest internet models we have seen in a long while, Joshua, was only to quick to be captured on video. He has a great body, and beautiful physique. Featured in the August 2001 Issue of Playgirl magazine, you will quickly see why everyone wants to see Joshua perform.

Statistics: Height: 5'11' , Weight: 188 lbs, Chest: 44', Waist: 30', Arms: 17', Thighs: 25', Cock: 9.0 Cut

Straight back from the gym, muscles pumped, and full of energy, we find Joshua soaping himself up in the shower. Lathering his cock, we see the start of what is to cum. While rinsing off Joshua teases the camera and provides us all with a little surprise from behind the curtain. After drying off, Joshua gets comfortable on the black leather sofa, and starts to indulge himself. Having neglected the one muscle he couldn't work on at the gym, Joshua pumps himself hard, and his prick grows. A full 9 inches, hard and erect, we see Joshua's brawny hands stroke his pole. His butthole winking for the camera, he can't wait to stick his long and thick fingers in between his muscled cheeks. He does himself like a man. Pumping himself into a heated frenzy, Joshua shakes and quivers as he shoots hot, thick, streaming loads of his cum onto the footstool. Knowing the huge load that he has just delivered is full of protein, this muscle jock eats and guzzles his own load, a truly tasty treat!
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This session also appears in Indigo Male's recent film: Pride Guyz - 2001. So let's see Malcolm just one more time.

Our film producer saw Malcolm dancing on one of the Parade floats. In that hot G-string, with his 8+ dick bobbing back and forth, our film producer knew there was something special to see. During the parade, Malcolm comes back to the filming location and continues his dance routine. Posing, stripping, and showing off, his beautiful ripped muscles. The curvature of his ass, the definition of his Abz, the shear power behind his cock, make watching Malcolm masturbate an event unto itself.

Statistics: Height: 6'0 , Weight: 188 lbs, Chest: 45.5', Waist: 31', Arms: 15.5', Thighs: 24', Cock: 8.5+ Cut

Malcolm, is a true performer. Showing us his butt cheeks and the 'winking' of his butthole. It's clear that this straight boy wants to bottom and get fucked continually. Who knows, you could be his first. He pumps himself vigorously, until his nuts can't hold his massive load any more. Malcolm spews his love juice all over the leather footstool. He can't wait to play with the gift he has given himself. Malcolm, tastes his own cum and shows the camera why he's hot, hungry, and eager to be a bottom fuck bitch. The film producer also gets in on the action, providing close-ups of Malcolm's load, so close you could smell it, and taste it yourself. Our film producer plays with the load in his fingers, showing off its manliness as it starts to chunk. The last few minutes of the scene are for the true cum connoisseur.

Classic Porn!
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Stacked Muscle #1 - The Big Bulge

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