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Hung Screen Tests #1

Mick Jizzer

This 6'4'', 19yo straight dude is decked out in a loud shirt and looks like a typical frat dude who just dropped in on his way to spring break. Mick says that he first had sex when he was a young hellion. ''…Just some slut I banged when I got kicked out of the house.'' Soon Mick is pulling off his clothes and his dick is swinging free in his cartoon boxers. Mick's cock is long and pudgy…even when it's soft, but when he works up a boner, he's got a real handful. ''Some girls think I'm freakishly deformed,'' Mick says, but we think he's just perfect!

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Jay is 25yo and straight. He says he's single, but it wouldn't matter…he'd do porn anyway because he "likes the money and it's something I want to experiment with." It doesn't take long for the director to get Jay out of his clothes and showing his stuff. Jay is blond, smooth and his cock is thick…even when soft. When hard, Jay's cock is shaped like a rock-hard boomerang pointing straight down. He dreams of a group sex encounter where he can get all the pussy he wants. Jay's climax is an intense, muscle-popping event.

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This 6'1'' 18yo (his birthday was just 2 months before this session) is gay and cute. J says that he thinks porno is an ''interesting opportunity to have sex, get off, and have fun.'' He strips down quickly to reveal a nearly smooth body with a nice little ''happy trail'' from his belly button to his bush. Soft, J doesn't look like he'd be right for a Hung Guys film, but he's a grower and when he's boned-up his qualification are obvious. J's fingers go quickly to his asshole (he's a bottom boy) for extra stimulation as he works toward a breathy, cum-spraying orgasm.

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This dark-haired Italian stud is 22yo and a true bisexual. ''I love sex, I like having sex. Anything goes…with men, with women; I like having a good time.'' Rocky says he's never had trouble getting laid and one look at him will tell you why: good looks, good body, smooth tight ass and a nice piece of meat! Hung guys can be long or thick and Rocky falls in the thick category. It's easy to see why the girls and guys want to have their holes stretched by Rocky's rod. Rocky's load squirts straight up into the air then falls back to cover his cock in cum.

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This 21yo bisexual is quiet and disheveled but intense. He has an obsession with fire and performs in a flame dancer troupe. He thinks that fire is erotic and would like to get it involved in sex in some way...but not today. Sno strips to reveal a lightly furred chest and a thick, soft cock with totally smooth balls. Sno's ass is smooth and round but ''off limits'' since he doesn't get fucked. Sno stretches out for a good J/O and his dick gets fatter, longer and harder before sending cum bubbling up in short squirts to cover his fist in jizz, which he licks clean.

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Hung Screen Tests #1

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