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Too Smooth Dudes Two

Sandy Sloane:

Here is one of Home Town Guys cutest porn stars. Sandy spent the summer of 2000 in Virginia and a lot of his summer vacation was spent with us at Home Town Guys. In his first session, Sandy strips and shows off his smooth, blond body and hard 7'' cock. After stroking for a few minutes, Sandy grabs a big rubber dildo and starts to fuck himself with the plastic toy. This gets his cock harder and harder and you know he's enjoying it immensely. Sandy pumps that plastic prick in and out of his ass until he's red-hot; then he flips over, throws his legs in the air and shoots a large load of cum all over his stomach and chest.

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Chris Tyler:

Our other main smoothie in this video is Chris. Chris is local talent; born and bred just a stone's throw away in Carolina. As soon as he turned eighteen (just a couple months before this session was filmed), he packed his bags and moved to the big city. He's a really sweet guy and as you can see, a real cutie! His cut and curved cock is always hard and ready to go…and his ass, though rarely used for such things, is eager to play with new toys. Chris slicks up a blue torpedo dildo and plunders his asshole while we watch. His body tenses up at the climactic moment and he spills a wad of cream…all while still pumping his butt with that vibrator.

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Sandy Sloane and Kevin West:

It’s a lazy afternoon at the HTG studios and Sandy is lounging around, stroking off to a porno video when 19yo boy-toy Kevin wanders down the hall and spies Sandy at play. Kevin watches and gropes himself before Sandy sees him and invites Kevin to join in. Soon, young Kevin is sucking the porn star's hard dick. Kevin's own small cock is an easy mouthful for Sandy as the two enter a 69 and Sandy works his fingers up Kevin's butt. When Kevin is all lubed and loose, Sandy slides his condom-covered cock up Kevin’s tender ass from behind and rides it fast and hard. After a good fucking, the hot smoothies get into another 69 before Sandy jerks his cum load all over Kevin's face and into his open mouth.

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Chris Tyler & Howard James:

After a hot afternoon playing in the sand and surf, we find Chris and Howard showering off the sea salt and sucking off each other's hard cocks. After their shower-time fun these two smooth young men head for the bedroom to get into some more trouble. Howard can't get enough of Chris and his hard, silky rod and Howard sucks it deep down his throat over and over again. Chris has other things in mind, though, and soon he has Howard flat on his belly and his cock deep in Howard's hot white butt. Chris fucks Howard with quick, hard thrusts that have Howard moaning for more and trying to get Chris deeper into his ass. Chris' climax comes with him sitting on Howard's torso and creaming on Howard's chest.

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Sandy Sloane and Chris Tyler:

The grand finale of this video starts off with Sandy in the shower, lathering up and feeling sexy. He reaches for a big blue dildo and is just about to force the monster toy up his ass when Chris walks in and makes a better offer. Chris joins Sandy in the shower and the two smooth dudes start a long and enjoyable session.

There's a lot of back-and-forth sucking action in the bathtub before the boys hop out of the tub and do it on the bathroom floor. Sandy straddles Chris' chest and feeds his cock to the hungry youth. Then Sandy moves back just enough to get Chris' rubber-covered cock into his hole and bounces up and down on it. After riding Chris' cock for a while the smoothies trade off and Sandy's rubber-free cocks slips into Chris' lubed hole. Sandy fucks Chris, bareback; plunging his dick deep into Chris' hairless hole, first face-to-face and then doggie style. These two super-sexy, smooth dudes finish off by stroking off cock-to-cock and unloading their sperm on each other.

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Too Smooth Dudes Two

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