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Gotta Find A Top


We get to meet Justin in this ''cock only'' session...there's no face shown, just a voice and a dick. Justin is a 26-year-old black man who's finally decided to give up girls and chase dick. He tells us about his first gay experience (he was 22yo and in college) and about some other amateur video work he did a while back. He's not into the pretty boys; he likes guys who know what they want and how to make it happen. The way things worked out with Justin, I never had to pair him up with anyone…he always brought a new guy with him for every session and each one was better than the one before. You're going to see a lot of things happening to Justin in this video...that's for sure!

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Justin and D-Dog:

Justin's first partner is D-Dog, a 33-year-old black man with a mustache and a cock that needs sucking. Now we get to see Justin in action as he swoops down on that cock and puts the moves on it. Justin sucks D-Dog's cock and makes a little slide toward his butt hole before he comes back to the meat. D-Dog is enjoying things as he changes positions so he can piston-fuck Justin's face. Through it all, Justin is hard and lovin' it. Justin loves it when D-Dog gets into frottage, rubbing his cock up and down Justin's crack and then when they rub dick to dick. D-Dog never gets off, maybe he was a little camera shy, but Justin blows his nut while sucking D-Dog's cock.

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Justin and Sheba:

The next guy Justin brings for a tryout is Sheba. He's a little older than D-Dog and a lot more active. He gets right in there and sucks Justin's hard cock all the way down while fingering Justin's butt hole. Sheba starts off fucking Justin doggie style and bareback, but he gets too close to cumming, so he takes a break and uses a dildo on Justin's butt and Justin likes it...a lot! Sheba likes it, too, because he still can't hold back his cum. Sheba shoots a long stream of watery cum that made me think he was pissing on Justin. Nope, it's just a powerful stream of the clearest cum in the world. There sure ain't no sperm in that juice! Sheba keeps working the dildo until Justin cums, squirting a big load right on Sheba's face and then Sheba licks up every last drop he can find.

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Justin and TJ:

One week later, Justin is in my studio with a new man, TJ. This mid-thirty's black dude lays back and let's Justin do all the work in the beginning. Justin gets TJ all juiced up, gets his motor running and then TJ goes to work; sliding his rubber-free cock deep into Justin's ass. TJ is hung and thick and you know that Justin is feeling every last inch up his butt. You'll see it all, up-close and personal as this black fucker’s tool plunders Justin's ass. Justin's ass is hungry, but his face is hungry, too, so when TJ starts to cum INSIDE Justin's ass, Justin pulls off and spins around fast, getting the last two spurts of TJ's cum right in his face. With cum still dripping from his lips, Justin strokes out his own load of spunk right on his belly.

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Justin and LC:

A week goes buy and Justin's next conquest is LC, a big man with a big body and a big cock. LC's dick head is like an apple on a stick and Justin knows it's gonna hurt going in. LC fingers Justin's hole and eats his ass just to make sure there's plenty of lube before he lifts up Justin's leg and mounts him from behind, popping his big-headed cock into Justin's ass fast, so he can't complain about its size. This is just the beginning of a long, hard ride as LC works his bareback fuck-tool in and out of Justin's hole. LC's weight gives him lots of power as they roll a little so that LC is on top, hammering Justin's butt. Cum slut Justin gets his face between the camera and the cum shot so we don't see much of LC's load as it splashes onto Justin's face, but it's there and Justin's own load is close behind.

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Justin and Stary:

At 40, this mature black man is the oldest of Justin's men…and the most hung. Stary has at least nine inches of uncut cock and he's ready to use them all to plunder Justin's ass. Justin starts out getting Stary's cock hard and wet, playing with his foreskin, which is loose and slippery the whole time. Justin starts off on his knees with his ass in the air. Stary lets him have it rubber-free and we get some great close-up fucking shots as Stary strokes in and out of Justin's hole. Then Justin rolls over and Stary climbs back in the saddle, barebacking Justin face-to-face. Stary likes to fuck standing up, however, so Justin gets back on his knees and gets it from behind. With Justin lying directly under his cock, Stary strokes out a river of cum to cover Justin's face before he gets his own face-full of Justin's cum. That's a wrap!

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Gotta Find A Top

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