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He's Scummy But He's Blond

Cock Shots and Interview:

Trey is a 19-year-old dude with a kind of ''street kid'' look…long blond hair, pimply face, skinny body and he’s horny most of the time. One of his wildest adventures was when he had sex with the Crucifer of his Lutheran Church. It was cool until the Priest caught them.

Trey is far from innocent, but he's basically a nice kid. He likes sex with everyone; guys, girls, blacks and whites…he doesn't believe in genders or colors. About the only thing he doesn't like are dildos. He likes flesh, not plastic. Trey continues to jerk his boy-cock and talk about his past until he delivers up a gushing load of spunk for a job well done.

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Trey & Anthony:

Trey is all about sex. When he comes in for a session, he's just as nice as can be and then the clothes come off and he dives right for Anthony's cock. Trey sucks Anthony's nice Latino cock long and hard and never wants to stop. Eventually Anthony takes a turn on Trey's cock but soon it's back the other way again.

Trey spends some time sucking Anthony's balls and eating his ass but he wants to get fucked and Anthony wants to fuck that cute street-boy ass. Anthony rubbers up, then in he slides, balls deep, and starts his fuck. Trey's legs are in the air the entire time as Anthony plows his hole. When he's used the boy's butt enough, Anthony pulls out and jerks himself off while Trey looks on.

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Trey & Black Rose:

Remember what Trey said; he does not believe in colors. So a Black guy is just the same as a White guy or a Latino guy…as long as he's got a dick, Trey wants it. Black Rose is a hot, tight-bodied Marine reservist with an attitude similar to Trey; if it walks, fuck it! Trey and Black Rose trade blowjobs and ass rimming before the fucking begins.

With Trey on his back on the sofa and his legs in the air, Black Rose slides his rubbered cock into Trey's experienced asshole. Black Rose is in heaven as he fucks his lily-white partner and Trey enjoys nothing more than a nice, easy fuck. Afterward, the guys lay back and jerk themselves until they both blow creamy white loads of cum.

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Trey & Jason:

Trey is looking even more scraggly than usual for this session, but true to form, as soon as the camera starts rolling Trey is all over Jason's cock, sucking like a Hoover. Jason loves the suction but soon Jason swaps places and sucks on Trey's cock for a while. When you get two cock-hounds together, though, the only satisfactory position is a 69.

When Jason slides his rubbered cock into Trey's ass, he is amazed at how tight it is, and he loves it! He starts off long-dicking Trey doggie style then after a bit Trey moves onto his back so Jason can slam-fuck him. Jason lays a long hard fuck into Trey's tight little ass with Trey's legs in the air and Jason piston-fucking his butt. They finish off by jerking themselves off to cream-squirting orgasms.

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Trey & Ryan:

It's been a long time since Ryan did a video session (Too Smooth Dudes One and Spanking The Monkey) but he's in fine form as he gets it on with our scummy little tramp, Trey. For once, Trey actually heads in for a kiss before going for Ryan's cock. Soon enough, the boys are in a 69 with Trey on top swinging on Ryan's cock and Ryan sucking down Trey's dick.

Ryan lifts Trey's legs into the air and slips his rubbered cock into Trey's hole, giving him a nice gentle fucking that obviously works…because in no time, Trey is cumming while Ryan is fucking him. Ryan keeps on fucking and then they switch to doggie style and Ryan keeps on fucking Trey until he's sure he's fucked him enough, then he pulls out and jerks his cock until he blows a load on Trey's tummy.

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He's Scummy But He's Blond

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