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Playing With Toys

Keith...Here's an early 20's Navy boy with a smooth chest, hairy legs, and a new found love for vibrating, torpedo-shaped dildos. Luckily, I had one on hand. Keith talks about last week's sex fun and how he and another 18yo guy had their first sexual encounter. porn videos
Lee...This mid-thirties tattooed dude lives for only one thing...having his ass plundered. He takes a nice, fat dildo up the ass the way you and I suck on a straw. There's lots of close-up dildo penetration here and a nice load from a tiny, shaved-smooth dick. porn videos
Carroll...This is the Goldilocks of dildo lovers. He starts out with the biggest one I have, the Blue Bomber, then steps down a size to the Long John Skinny, then down once more to the Ram Rod that Lee liked so much and then he finally finds one that's just right and the cum pours out of him. porn videos
Mercury...This leather lover starts out all done up with a red candle up his ass, but he soon needs more. He grabs the Ram Rod…that will surely give him that special feeling. Between the leather and the latex, Mercury is on cloud nine; his cum load is a sweet release that he licks off his own fingers. porn videos
Morgan and Lee...This session features a couple's sharing of toys that will keep you hot and hard. From vibrating red torpedoes to Ram Rod and black rubber cocks to a double-headed dildo that they share butt-to-butt; it's easy to see that these two hot puppies love their toys. Morgan cums with the double-dildo in his ass and Lee shoots off while Morgan tickles his balls. porn videos
Ross...He's another early 20's sailor who gets off on vigorous ass play. Ross takes Ram Rod like an old pro and goes to town with it. He bangs his ass good and strokes his 9'' cock like there's no tomorrow. I especially like the way he rides Ram Rod the way a cowboy rides a bucking bronco. Ross's cum boils out of his lengthy cock like an erupting volcano. porn videos
Ted...This is the mature man on the tape. He's got years of practice with toys of all types and when he grabs Ram Rod and aims it as his ass, it's like he's welcoming an old friend home. Ted has half of his own fist up his butt when he blows his load all over his stomach before he licks his cum off of his fingers. porn videos
Adrian...This furry stud is playing with a different kind of toy…a cock pump. He slides it over his boner and squeezes the pump again and again and again…until his cock is throbbing in the vacuum tube and his dick is bigger and harder than he's ever seen it. When he can't take it any more, he releases the vacuum and strokes his cock to a mind numbing orgasm. porn videos
Adrian and A.J...20-year-old A.J. is new to dildos, but old pro, Adrian, introduces him to the joys of toys. He slides a blue torpedo deep into A.J.’s novice butt and turns the motor way up for maximum sensation and maximum cum. When it's A.J.'s turn to drive, he greases up the Big Blue Bomber and pumps Adrian's hairy ass until the poppa bear's cum gushes out.

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Playing With Toys

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