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Anal Initiation Rights
18 To Play

Ten cocky, fresh-faced spunk starz play 'n' spray in High Drive Productions red-hot release of ANAL INITIATION RIGHTS. Director Brady Mayo discovers 10 horny jr. jocks and coaches them into five anal cram sessions that go balls out wild! Meet cover model LT Mkay: cocky and verbal Israeli frat dude! Watch these pillow biting spunk starz get initiated into anal sex! Ass up, face down while taking the big ones!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Top surfer stud Chaz Kramer (22) gets an emergency call that his fiancé is in labor, but aggressively gay roommate Jake Lyons (19) sees this as a golden opportunity to get boned without getting busted! The chemistry is right when Chaz and super hungry Bottom Jake, a very verbal screamer, gets bent over! Jake receives a royal rear-end anal initiation! Enjoy the copious amounts of cum these spunk starz ejaculate!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Israeli jr. porn star LT Mkay (19) faces off with his super-hot, redheaded dorm mate Atlanta Grey (19). LT asks his buddy if huge Middle-Eastern dicks turn him on? Atlanta admits that it does! LT Mkay teases Atlanta with a seductive underwear show. Then hot Atlanta gets boned in a myriad of submissive positions. Enjoy these freaky fraternity squirts firing off!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

At the gay resort, blond surfer Cody Parker (19) and bartender Holden Rush (22) are scrubbing down the SUV in their skivvies. Cody gives Holden a funny look, wags his extra-large hose at him and the barometer rises. Holden gets fucked on the tailgate. Both ejaculate on each other's smooth chests. Two hotties full of sperm get a hosing down!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Russian Top Dimity (21) is poolside when his naturally smooth host brother Mikio (19) winks. Deviant Dimity whip out his 10'' uncut pistol and gives a tight fitting treat to his exchange brother. Dimitry's large head and huge balls are impressive. The cumshots don't suck either!

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

With an appetite for passion, local roughneck Caden Skie (18) picks up college twink Kyle Baglie (19) at the beach. Soon, Caden is stripping down, naked and spread-eagle. Big-dicked Kyle fucks his afternoon trick into submission. Two verbal cocky showoffs get bent over, and two huge loads get sprayed over their smooth, young and tender bodies!

Model Interviews: Get up close and personal with explicit interviews from six different performers.

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Anal Initiation Rights - 18 To Play

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