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Dorm Room Spunk Buddies

Eleven knockout dorm dudes get a cock-filled, butt-banging initiation to college life in DORM ROOM SPUNK BUDDIES! Watch frat brother J.T. (19) in a cockfight with blond, well-endowed bottom boy Brenden (19). Dream date Skyler (18) scores a fuck with brawny Bryce (18) in a pup tent! Horny and hard, J.T. returns in a wrestling match turned sex stunt with his meat-loving roomie Caelan (19). Eager Dakota (19) gets an anal lesson to remember from uncut 'Rican stud Carlos (19). Heavy hung Adon (19) falls for the 'straight guy' Frances (18), who proudly pounds his party-size cock deep and hard. And last, mega-hung Christian (19) is welcomed to the dorms by big-boned Kyle (18), who repeatedly ravages Christian's ass. These newbie collegiate cum lovers are athletic, gorgeous, and the nonstop action is red-hot!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

J.T. (19) and Brenden (19) have been wrestling partners and roommates who rub together since first semester. When Brenden's nine-inch boner pops out of his shorts, J.T. knows he is going to score a fuck! Both wrestlers spar, work out and hunker down into great wrestling holds. Like a true sex god, J.T. fucks anything that gets near his dick, and Brenden gets his party in the rear. Passion ignites in this cum-filled scene, plus loads and loads of hot stud-sex.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

After soccer tryouts, doe-eyed Skyler (18) sweet talks brawny and built Bryce (18) into some raunchy frat boy sex outdoors! At the right place at right time, these ball-stirring hunks give each other what their girlfriends cannot--extreme anal intrusions! Bryce plows his nine-incher deep inside Skyler's ass pussy, while they both earn their majors in carnal knowledge the rock-hard way.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Back from a graduation ceremony, J.T. (19) gets horned up and slips Caelan (18) into his favorite wrestling hold -riding his partner on the carpet. With sweaty, sexy muscles popping out of their boxers, they strip each other nude. These studs don't need singlets, because they sport raw, plump flesh with intense mat action. Hugely hung Caelan grabs J.T.'s balls, and bottoms for him doggy-style! J.T. power-pounds his sweet stiffy in and out of Caelan's burning ass, slamming wildly in short, fast and extremely deep strokes.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

In college, the first year is always the hardest--especially when an upperclassman named Carlos (19) dominates hot jock Dakota (19)! This suave papi pops young blond Dakota in the ass with his uncut, nine-incher. Carlos stuffs in his fat chili with steady pressure way past Dakota's well-worked sphincter muscle. These studs satisfy their sexual hunger with intense cock sucking and butt-cunt fucking.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Fraternity dudes can't keep their pants on, and Adon (20) and Frances (19) are fucking proof! After a keg party, Adon shoves his uncut nine inches down Frances' throat and plunges his wet cock in and out. Frances thrusts his hips up, pushes Adon to the floor, face down and legs spread. Adon lets out a long, screaming moan as Frances pressed it deep inside him.

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

The hottest scene is always saved for last! Gay Frat brothers Christian (19) and Kyle (18) hit it off playing video games, but Christian would rather grope. Christian throws a wet boner, and Kyle gobbles his knob! Christian confesses he has been dreaming of tasting Kyle's huge cock and having it up his tight hole, and whoops--it slides in just fine--again and again!

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Amateur Video Scene 7:

As an extra special added video bonus feature, check out an exclusive, butt-naked interview with brawny Bryce and super-bottom Skyler!

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Dorm Room Spunk Buddies

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