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Hooked On Homies

Hooked on young, horny macho homeboys in the hood with massive, uncut pingas? Don't resist the need any longer. In HOOKED ON HOMIES, watch director Brady Mayo travel through Latin America using all his dirty tricks to lure 13 of the hottest, well-endowed first-timers into seven hot gay XXX scenes, filled with self-facials, anal, oral, solo, and group-sex gay action! Peel back these thirteen juicy, uncut blunts and suck on the good stuff!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

The physically gifted Juan (19) lives in Mexico City, with a pulsing need to peel back his fleshy, nine-inch chili any chance he gets. A big-boned exhibitionist with only sex on his mind, he fucks himself with a mirror, sucks all his ten toes and huffs his sweaty briefs. Juan loves his thick and swollen member worshipped, and loves to be watched. While he fingers his own ass, he positions his own over-sized pinga over his head, closer and closer to his lips. Then, he strokes his cock fanatically and gives himself an open-mouth facial! After draining his cum-sack on his own face, he swallows each milky drop, wipes the left overs up with his briefs and chews them to shreds like a true Latin cum-pup!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Big-dicked and ass-crazy Jester (19) shacks up in a cheap motel room alone in San Juan, PR. Horny for some local flavor, Jester calls up an escort to his room, and lucks out when uncut beach-boy Adon (21) arrives. Jester lures him into giving head, and receives some deeper throat in exchange. The passion ignites, muscles flex and sweat builds while these horny hombres assault each other's weapons with teen lust. Adon takes his macho cock all the way up his ass, anally submitting to Jester's almost foot-long aggressive, thick tool. This intense, ball-busting scene sizzles with multiple cum shots, power-fucking, and extreme penetration in non-stop, cum-dripping action. These homies trash and destroy this motel room with man juice and used condoms!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Italian/Puerto Rican, big-boned homie-stud Christian (19) enjoys flexing his forearms and his thick, ten-inch piece while lifting weights at home in Miami, FL. This dark, smooth sex-charged seducer has a real dirty-mouth and a rock-steady meat-stick. He gets off on pumping his blood-engorged machine till it is ready to explode, popping big and hefty loads all over his chest. As if it doesn't get any better, this straight-acting top-man aggressively finger's his own tight ass and licks up his warm, milky mess. Even this top-player has to keep his ass tight, or so he says.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Back in Puerto Rico, over-sexed Blatino thug Kel-El and Portuguese bottom boy Bobby are making out alone on the couch. When horny Rican roughneck José (19) busts into the room in search of oral relief, Bobby's eyes open wide. Bobby is charmed by Jose's enlarged, hooded cobra. Bobby (18) and Kel El (18) both suck it and kiss it with passion and vacuum suction. It doesn't take much to coerce Jose into returning the favors with his own special kisses. Dry-humping, sucking, kissing and group action make this twink three-way one cum-filled sex-plosion worth rewinding over and over.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Representing the Boogie-Down Bronx is homeboy Carlos (19), another hung, uncut ''straight'' Rican horny for a mouth to suck his dick, and a tight, virgin ass to fuck. With two blond twinks in his bedroom, how is he going to get off? After some swift negotiations, Carlos agrees in Spanish to be seduced and sucked off by Caelan (18) and Mitch (18). When Carlos finally pulls down his boxers, both well-endowed pups ravage and pillage his hairy crotch, only to bust his first load in a matter of seconds. Ah shit! Is it premature ejaculation or just pre-cum? Carlos stiffens his rod back up, and makes up an excuse to go for round two. He mounts bottom-twink Mitch, and fucks him for nearly twenty minutes. This is the first time Mitch has ever bottomed, so watch him feel the pain and pleasures of bottoming for Carlos's massive Latin dick.

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Back in Mexico City, homeboy Pablo (18) is cruising for sex in a motel when he stumbles into an empty room and whips out his nine-inch piece. After sniffing his own briefs, monkey-spanking madness erupts and this Mexican stud assaults his massive, uncut member. Pablo dry humps the mattress, spits and lubes up his irresistible meat stick. He fingers his ass deep, and stretches out the elastic. Pablo packs more than a mouthful, and shoots loads of man butter all over his chest, and then he licks it up!

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Amateur Video Scene 7:

These two real-life Latin lovers begged to be stars of this video, so they could rebel against their strict religious upbringing. With so much teen-angst built up in their blood, these two hotties pillage and plunder every available orifice in this sizzling, screamer scene. Diego (20) mounts his boyfriend in over six positions, while he fucks his ass red and raw. Isaac (19) takes it like a real man, aggressively pushing his hole back onto Diego's dick regardless of how forceful he is penetrating it.

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Hooked On Homies

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