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Grad Nite Spunk Buddies

Twelve popping-fresh new-cummers make their big-dicked porn debut in ''Grad Nite Spunk Buddies!'' As the party gets started, each horn-ball twink takes his turn bullying his buddies into a steamy, hardcore sex scene! It all starts when nine-inch stud Cooper throws a wild and crazy graduation party, looses his cap and gown, and ends up taking it up the ass! Joey ''The Jock'' gets thrown into the pool, and toweled off with Ouija's tongue! These grads lure their real life fuck buddies into sucking, rimming and bone smuggling with the hottest studs in class! Schools out forever-and these jocks celebrate with sex!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Blonde stud Dakota (18) is boxing in the backyard, when mega-hung Christian (18) and his cock hungry lips shows up for a surprise visit-only to attack him with juicy kisses and a ten-inch wiener! Without delay, Christian drops to his knees, pulls out his pecker and power sucks Dakota's ''straight'' cock. They flip flop on the grass, role-play and 69 each other's blood-engorged meat. Dakota knows Christian needs an anal injection, so he takes him inside to the bedroom for a well-awaited graduation gift-extreme penile intrusion! The passion ignites, and the positions flip back and forth. Both eighteen-year old newbies bottom out in award winning, non-stop, no holes bared hardcore action!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Mega-hung Cooper (18) and Josh (18) sneak into Cooper's mom's room, and what a sweaty mess they make! Cooper jumps on his mom's bed, tears off his jeans and strokes his rock-hard nine-inch piece. Blond-stud Josh knows what time it is, and starts to suck Cooper's wiener with vigor and lust. The mattress begins to burn up, so Josh asks if he can fuck Cooper on the carpet. Cooper's anxious virgin ass has never taken anything bigger than a finger, until now! Josh pounds his handsome member deep-inside Cooper's ass and pops his ass-cherry for the first time on-camera! Now that's a graduation present!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Next up are new-cummers Brenden (18) and James (18) who are goofing off in the backyard naked! They swap spit, suck dick and roll around on the freshly cut lawn. These teenage sex maniacs can't even wait for the bedroom! The sex-charged bottom boy Brenden feels his ass quivering for some straight dick, so Brenden busts out some lube, and prepares himself for James' hot beef injection. James' famous quote, ''A hole is a hole,'' and worships Brenden's ass better than his girlfriend's pussy! At least that is what he told Spunkstar! Brenden may be one of the most enthusiastic bottoms of the year-he has legendary porn star potential!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

As the party lingers deep into the night, Ouija (18) is poking around Cooper's mom's house, when he stumbles across Check stud Joey (18) surfing the net for sex. Oiija knows he can seduce this bi-curious Joey with a massage that turns into a face rider's anal workout! Joey slaps his nine-inch uncut sausage around forcing it into Ouija's ass flavored mouth! Blowjobs and rimming are Ouija's specialty, and Joey proves himself a top stud. Both studs spray their cum all over their chests, and Ouija even licks it up with enthusiasm!

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Isn't it funny the hottest guys have the hardest time hooking up? Such is the case with eighteen-year-old DJ (18), who finds his own room to jerk off in. DJ bones up in no time, spitting into the shaft of his cock, stroking it softly, then rolling over and dry humping the mattress. He talks dirty when he gyrates across the bed sheets, offering up every inch of his handsome and delicious white meat! DJ's fans will be climaxing over and over again!

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Across town, super-cute Josh (18) makes his second appearance in the video, and shows up at Dusty's (18) crib. Josh wants to have his own party, a two-man party, and when he sees the size of Dusty's fat dick, Josh goes crazy! Josh and Dusty sixty-nine, then go ballistic on the couch. Dusty's ass quivers for Josh's rock-hard cock, and Josh slides his greasy rod into Dusty's tight ass in reverse-cowboy and doggy-style positions!

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Amateur Video Scene 7:

Just a few days before enlisting in the military, the heavily tattooed Lee (18) bullied his way into the GRAD NITE party. Lee bragged he could cum ten times in a row! After some cock-smart persuasion on Lee's part, director Brady Mayo put Lee up for the test! Lee strokes his meat with monkey spanking madness and shoots a thick, goopy load for his ''Grad Nite Spunk Buddies!'' Now all his buds want a piece of his mouth-watering Irish meat. Lee gets wet and wild during his jack-off scene, and we hope he comes back soon from over-seas where he claims he is serving the troops his own special way!

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Amateur Video Scene 8:

Lil' Menace (18) returns home and starts jumping up and down is his tassel, cap and gown! He shouts ''School's out forever'' over and over. Now, this stud can fully concentrate on getting off. He quickly sheds the gown, and nine mouth-watering inches thicken up between his legs and rises to attention. The newbie grad strokes his glistening cock with lots of lube, and rapid tongue movements, hamming it up for the camera. Lil' Menace was built for fucking, and his pink torpedo is ready to make porn history!

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Grad Nite Spunk Buddies

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