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Senior Class Fuck Buddies

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Sex-bully Bobby (18) wrestles Johnny (18) down to the ground in his mom's living room. In a fit of unbridled teen lust, they make up, make out and pop out of their pants, sucking each other's guy meat. Bobby sucks dick way better than Johnny's girlfriend does (shhhh, don't tell!), and Johnny loves it. It's only Johnny's second time ever with another guy, and the sex juice is overflowing! They suck and stroke and make out 'til they are pink and raw!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Linebacker Lil' Menace (20) always thought his 9 inch dick was too small, but Ki B.'s (18) asshole craved it! They blew each other doing backstrokes in the pool, but needed better leverage when Lil' Menace crammed his pink torpedo deep inside Ki's buttery ass. That's when Lil Menace's knees got all scraped up on the concrete! Non-stop dick plunging, ass gulping, and kissing has its price, but these dudes push all limits and smother each other in cum!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Twista (18) used to get blowjobs at the beach on his ''surfing'' expeditions. That's where he's earned a rep for showing his dick off every chance he gets! Twista sports wood backstroking in the pool, and can't resist jerking off! He slams his dick in the camera like he's fucking it. His love veins plump thicker and thicker as he rubs his rod, and fills the pool up with cum!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Alex Trenton (18) was pretty popular in high school, maybe because he blew every 18-year-old in the whole senior class! Skater stud Johnny (18) convinces Alex to bottom! Johnny plunges his man meat deep into Alex's tight hole. Both studs really like showing off, maybe cause their dicks are so big! Alex twists and turns all over the carpet as Johnny's cock packs his fudge deeper and deeper! Alex shoots two times in this cum-drenched scene!

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Anthony Holloway (19) told his friends on the football team that he'd never suck dick. Of course he was lying! Anthony's hot rod has a mind of its own. Upstairs in his mom's attic, Anthony stretches his elastic ass and strokes his 9-incher dry humping the floor. The walls are covered in his cum cause his loads are so big. Anthony is a true hung stud!

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

''Straight'' Ben (20) was jealous that his little brother Ki B. (18) has been getting so much sex attention, so as any older brother would do, he competes for it! Ben flexes and stretches his love bone all over the bedroom. Then he climbs all over the bed, the dresser and the carpet to show off his manliness. His only reflex is to satisfy the urge to shoot the biggest load! He succeeds! Ben is the bomb! Who's the hottest bro? Hmmm.

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Amateur Video Scene 7:

Super cute Alex Trenton (18) is the ultimate ''loner with a boner''. Found him walking through the park, shirtless, with a soda bottle in his back pocket, horny as fuck. Alex dry-humps the bed, drilling his jackhammer dick deep into the mattress. He fingers his hole, spreading his elastic ass lips open, while talking about this cute kid on the bus and massaging his thick cock til he can't hold back the cum any longer.

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Senior Class Fuck Buddies

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