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Jr. Jock Gym Camp

Twelve jr. jocks get a taste of sexual anarchy in the wild outdoors in High Drive Productions fully loaded release, JR. JOCK GYM CAMP. These handsome, homegrown hot-blooded troopers have a full program of outdoor activities including nude swimming, hiking au natural and non-stop penetration! This campsite is the perfect place to stir up the primal urges. Passions run wild and these hung hotties go AWOL for a-hole!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

What s a better way to cool off on a hot day of camp than waging an epic water battle against your well-hung buddy? Watch blond Cody Parker (18) and his pump-action blaster tackle sexy Kai Summers (18) to the ground. Jr. jock Cody whips out his 9 inches and takes aim at Kai s raw booty. Kai gets reamed in the butt! Cocky Cody gets a natural high slow fucking his outdoor buddy. Then they cream each other!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Time to jump in the river and bone up! Big-dicked Blaine (18) takes Gavin (18) by the ears and inserts 9 thick and juicy inches down his throat. Birds chirp while Gavin gets fingered and poked. Gavin braces himself on a tree to take the impact on his ass! Gavin shoots his load all over a tree trunk and Blaine sprays on Gavin s back.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

After the big showdown, twinky Star (18) takes a walk down the treasure trail with his buddy Gunnar (18). They find a fort to swap blowjobs in. These two uncut, big boned stud pups jump in the river and fuck in the water. Star puckers up again for Gunnar in a multitude of positions before they line up their dicks side by side and cum simultaneously. This is pure sexual chemistry hard at work.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Fresh off the school bus, Chaz (18) and Kaden Roads (18) sneak off into the woods. Kaden get brutal with his camp crush. Chaz bottoms for the first time on camera and reveals him to be marked as a major moaner. When they cum on each other, Chaz speaks up and says, He s not bad for being a new recruit, huh? Kaden slips and falls into the water after he nuts!

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Brock Hard (18) follows Brad Bones (19) back to the cabin. They strip, kiss and swap blowjobs. These whopper dicks are big, especially on this swimmer builds! Brock gets on his hands and knees while Brad long dicks him on the futon. Brock steps up the faster he gets fucked. Brads dick is a lot to take, 8 inches thick and hard! These spunkstar s get their spunk on big time!

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Camp counselor Dakota (19) returns to take a break. Fire fighter Zack Bennett (19) walks into his room and shows off the hose he has coiled behind his jock strap! Dakota deep throats ten inches of hose while Zack inhales the salty sweat of his worn strap.. Zack strokes the back of Dakotas head while he gets his tend incher sucked and smothered with kisses. Zack returns the favor and services Dakota. These stiff ones moves over to the couch and keep stroking. Then they prove they are both versatile bottoms. Zack rides Dakota for a while. Dakota leans over a stool and gets a hot beef injection from Zack.

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Bonus Features:

Once you see these great looking jr. jocks running amok in the buff, you ll be pitching your own pup tent! As an extra special, we've added bonus features. Check out lusty camp counselor Dakota enforces the daily activities with strong arming seven defiant jr. jocks into a series of calisthenics. Nude jumping jacks and push-ups are part of the rowdy routine. Brad Bones gets testy with the staff sergeant. Star throws coins at staff sergeant and bribes him of taking his pants off! Then the real tackling begins!

Plus, check out an exclusive interviews with Zack Bennett and Dakota. Make sure to check out JR. JOCK GYM CAMP and the sizzling previews of other fine fuck flix from High Drive Productions.

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Jr. Jock Gym Camp

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