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Fudgestick #3

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Little Lacy B. weighs just 85 pounds, but that doesn't stop her from ordering the biggest cuts of beef on the menu. She claims she loves big cocks, but within the first few minutes of this video it is clear from the expressions on her face that her vagina is not prepared for this situation. While Laronn enjoys this little gypsy girl's tiny tight pussy involuntarily squeezing down on his rock hard cock, Lacy struggles through the video minute by minute, one position at a time until Laronn is ready to unload his spooge all over her face and neck.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Forty ounces, fake blonde, fake boobs, clear heels and a bottle of lube. This horny little French dip takes some ''cocque de la ghetto'' deep in her shaved cunt.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

In an attempt to get his wife used to the idea of swinging, Skye's husband turned her over to Laronn and instructed her to do whatever he says. Laronn teaches this statuesque blonde wife how to gag on his cock, suck balls, and open up her inexperienced pussy extra wide for some rough interracial pounding. She is really good at following instructions and doesn't put up a fuss at all, so Laronn also teaches her how to lick his ass and his feet. Although she complained a little about being thrown around like "one of those young things you're used to", 40 year old Skye Hamil is otherwise a very trainable slut wife. In future videos you can look forward to her taking on new topics like Asseating 102, first time anal sex, ass-to-mouth, and teaching other slut wives.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Rachael's husband really wanted to see her get fucked hard by a big black cock. After hooking up with Laronn on the internet, they drove all the way from New England to L.A. where Laronn had just got out of jail again and was looking for some poontang to hit. After showing up in nothing but a long overcoat and a nightie underneath, Rachael was ready to get some rough sex from a ghetto cock. Rachael's hubby looks on as her pussy gets hammered mercilessly and she get's her tongue used like a roll of toilet paper.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

This scene is an extended preview from the upcoming title "The Personal Trainer Volume 3". Emma Day comes to Laronn for one of his personal training sessions. It seems her husband has been cheating on her with his hot secretary and Emma wants a bangin body to get his attention gain. With no money to pay for Laronn's expensive training sessions, Emma lets Laronn into her very amateur and neglected snatch as payment for his services. Now her vagina is the size of the Lincoln tunnel and she has the smell of a man's asscrack on her lips. Maybe her husband will pay more attention to her now that he knows she has options.

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Fudgestick #3

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