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Cock Jockey

I call this a 'Cockumentary' - it's a film about me servicing the big cocks of my fuck buddies. Following a hot preview advertising my video company, I greet the audience from my garden, naked, to describe what you are about to see. A short introduction and some hot nude poses, then the hardcore action begins. Most of this video was previously released as Shy Guys by Goliath Videos (no longer available) and Couch Buddies by Two Hot Studs; the final hot scene is new footage.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

The first hot scene starts right away with some incredible bareback sex - a big uncut daddy is laid out on my massage table, ready to ride. Using a two camera set-up, I show you lots of hot butt penetration close-up and full screen, then from the side to show the full length of his big dick getting inside me. You'll be amazed that I can take the whole thing down my throat - it even amazes me!

You get to see his huge uncut cock going straight up my ass again and again, using only my spit for lube, until he can't contain it anymore and shoots lots of hot cum. This daddy is a total stud and stay rock hard for a long time with no chemical enhancement! After slurping the good stuff off his foreskin and balls, I back myself up and sit on his face while I jerk my own dick until I shoot my wad all over his face and mouth. He's always been a pig for my cumload, so I feed him as much as possible then scrape the rest off his face and into his mouth. You even get a final shot of his handsome cum covered face.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

The second scene features another buddy on a couch at his hotel. He has a long dick with a fat head, and you'll watch me swallow it all and ride him hardcore. Only one camera this time, but you see all the action from different angles. Although you almost never get to see his face, you'll watch my hips bouncing up and down, pumping my cock in his mouth while I deep throat him. Then get really close and watch his big dick pop inside my butt hole. I ride that hard dick for as long as I can before shooting a white creamy load, followed by a hot shot of my freshly fucked asshole as I suck him some more to try and get him off.

Then more action with this stud on another couch - lots of hot 69ing and cock riding from different angles until we both fire off big cumloads. As always, I lap up as much of his cum as I can get before it's over.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scene 3 features a special guy with a fat Italian horse-cock that actually looks like a pony - it has brown patches on the skin; very unique and very hot. He stays rock hard while I swallow his meat because I'm feeding him my own fatheaded dick.

Again the action is caught with two cameras, one wide angle to show the whole scene and the other for close-up intimate contact. His dick is really fat, and it takes my butt a few attempts to open enough to take him - you'll watch it all, no cut-aways, as slowly I'm able to stretch to fit all his meat up in me. I ride him good and hard until he can't hold it anymore, then I let him cum all over my butt hole so you get to see his load. Then I'm back on that sticky dick to work up my own load - when it's time to shoot, I spin around slowly on his dick so you get to see me cum too. I end with a close-up of my cum covered butt hole for you fuck hole fans.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

The final scene is the only scene that has never been part of another video - and it caps off this group perfectly! Two cameras again - I actually broadcast this action live through my webcam while we filmed it. This guy was new to me - we met online and this was the first time we fucked.

His dick has a fat head that really opens up my butt hole - so much that when he started to cum inside me, I pulled off to show his load spilling out of my opened hole before squatting back down to take the rest of his cream up my ass. After climbing off to suck up his spilled semen, I get back on top and ride until I spray a huge load. You get to see me shoot from the front and from a side angle, then while he steps out to shower, I give some live commentary and show you all my freshly fucked butt hole with his cum making a sticky mess of my hairy hole. Up close and nasty, the way you like it!

Classic Porn!

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Cock Jockey

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