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My buddy Troy is a former male model and wanted to do a porn video with me. He's big and handsome with a big cock and loves to fuck and get fucked.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

The first scene was an experiment that went so well I had to share it. Using a single camera, at first set up on a tripod, you'll watch up close as I suck his huge dick and eat his butt until he's hard enough for me to ride him.

But he has a piggish butt so it's not long before I'm rolling him over and shoving my own hard cock up his hungry hole. I fucked him from different angles and moved him around for some great shots - very hot and nasty. The harder I fucked, the more he loved it!

Then I take the camera in hand and for some creative filming - this is what home porno is all about. As if you are right there with us, you'll move around, in and out, close and wide, as I pump and plow his hole. From above, from the side, all over - until I roll him onto his stomach and just fuck and fuck until I shoot my wad on his back and butt. Then watch as I stick it back in him and fuck him some more.

True versatility - see me ride his big dick then ride his big muscular ass.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

The second scene was my first time experimenting with two cameras and my first time using a mirror to get a shot from underneath.

This boy came down from San Francisco to get his ass fucked and he got fucked good! After having him suck my dick for a while, I laid him out and shoved my cock in him bareback, just the way he wanted it. After pumping him on his stomach and getting him warmed up, I put him up on the futon with a mirror underneath his ass to show some really hot anal penetrations. The funny thing was that I kept forgetting to hit the record button and nearly shot my load in him without filming it! But I can keep hard for a long time, and you get to watch plenty of great close-up buttfucking with my hairy balls slapping his ass as my cock slams in and out of his hole.

Then back on his stomach for more fucking and my first 2camera setup. One from the side to show the slamming, and one from the front to show his facial expressions as I pound him as deep as I can go. He's a good boy and takes all that I give him until I can give no more - you see my cumshot from two angles, then a closeup shot of my spent spunk all over his sexy back.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scene 3 shows me fucking Troy again, this time using two cameras to catch all the action - one from the side and the other from underneath.

You'll feel like you're in the room with us, getting so close you can almost taste it! It took a while to get it all ready, so by the time we got to the action, I was ready to go! I fuck this man long and hard. He moans alot and takes it all.

You'll see nasty close-ups from underneath as I pull out then pop my fatheaded dick back inside him over and over. We have alot of fun with it, and you'll get off with me when you see my thick white cum squirt all over his open butthole. Then you'll get off again hearing him exclaim in impressed amazement as he watches my load shooting from the monitor. Then watch the whole thing again from another angle!

At the end, I added some slow-motion cumshot repeats, so you can enjoy every drop.

You also get previews of my other videos - hot hardcore bareback collages. You're gonna love it!

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