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Signature Series: Jay

Technical Note: There are some technical glitches in the sound, but I thought the footage was too hot not to use!
Jay will not appeal to everyone, he is one of our more mature models. As our fans know, a GeminiMan can be between 18 and 45, and Jay is closer to 40 than 30. But if you like mature men, the kind that never do porn, this is your lucky day. He has broad square shoulders, 6-pack abs, interesting ink, a big dick and a beefy butt. If you have seen him in JackBuddies 4 with Clay, you will know he is also very sexually adventurous! Much to our delight.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

This is Jay's first day at the studio and he's a bit nervous. He strips slowly and reveals a mature body hardened by physical labor. The only time he spent in the gym was a boxing gym in jail! Yes, he's had a hard life and is the first to admit it's mostly his fault. But here he is a real bad boy stripping naked for our cameras. The camera lovingly caresses his body in very intimate close ups. I want to capture his lean musculature and record this guy who may never come back before the camera! There is a certain element of wonder as to how far he will go. And an element of fear, also. As he relaxes, I get him to go further and further and soon he is even showing his ass for all to see. I like his street/prison tats and he is becoming a very accommodating model as he relaxes. It takes a girlie magazine and a little hand lotion to get him hard, but he's soon jerking his dick and thinking about who knows what! He shoots a good-sized load on his belly and stands up top let cum drip down his lean torso. He puts on some nipple clamps and talks about his first on camera cum shot! All this in the first 15 minutes of the video!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Scene Two is a couple of days later and he is totally at ease. I get him to drop his jeans and give us a butt shot before suggesting a really different shoot. I take him back to the playroom and he's on the wall spread eagle and naked! Looks good! I trim his pubes and pits, slap some clamps and a blindfold on him and begin to have fun. I rub his body with oil stopping to jerk his dick and play with his balls. He spreads his ass and gets in the sling where he is totally vulnerable. He spreads his ass for us, and after being blindfolded shoves a butt plug deep inside his virgin ass. He begins to jerk his dick and gets rock hard with the little anal invader. I work his dick over to keep him hard and soon he is shooting another load on his belly!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scene three is a toy shoot that starts out with Jay fingering his ass with two fingers. He's a lot more adventurous with his ass today and I plan to see how far (or big) he will go! A large vibrator has no trouble scoring a direct anal hit and is soon followed by a large butt plug that won't quite fit! Then Jay goes for our infamous beer bottle. It fits! And he even stands up to fuck his tight ass with the bottle! After the bottle, Jay gets comfortable with an anal probe shove up his ass and I get to play with his ass a little bit! This guy looks so hot standing with a probe hanging out of his ass ad nipple clamps on his hard chest and his hands behind his head creating rock hard biceps. Yum!! He gets on his knees fingers his butt pretty thoroughly and then goes back to the vibrator and fucks his ass hard and deep. He needs more space so he throws a pillow on the floor, puts the vibrator back in even deeper and fucks his ass. I can't stand it and shoot a load on his chest! In the hot steamy shower is where Jay soaps up everything and gets squeaky clean, while a workman is installing a ceiling fan in the adjacent studio! He is pretty lazy in the shower and takes his time, which is fine by me. He gets his dick hard again and begins to jack off. He sinks down onto the floor of the shower and licks his biceps as he jacks his hard dick! He even plays with his ass, too! Jay dries off and gives us some naked poses.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Next is what I have been waiting for: Jay is going all the way. Good-bye, cherry! He sucks dick pretty good and seems to like to play with a cock. Maybe he's a good actor.. Yeah, his Academy Award got lost in the mail! He sucks for awhile stopping to lick the head and tongue the entire cock before he puts on condom on my dick and gets in position to get fucked! He gets fucked on his back with some good penetration shots, and then gets a facial cum shot across his mouth and beard!

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series: Jay

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