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JackBuddies #21: Kyle and Clay

When Clay stopped by to see me the other day; it had been about 1 year and half since I had seen the guy. I was struck anew with his masculine good looks and totally butch demeanor. I filmed his solo for this video that night impromptu. And when he called me a few days later and wanted to stop by, I just happened to be in the middle of a shoot with the adorable Kyle. I quickly thought how the two would interact. Kyle is very masculine, too though younger and cuddly. He’s on the verge of becoming a totally hot man like Clay. So, here you have past present and future in one super hot video that I watch again and again. Hope you will, too!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene One is Clay’s solo. It is about 7:00 one night and he juts showed up in his painter s clothes. His hands still have paint on them from that day’s job. Clay is tall, about 6’2’’ and always make an entrance into a room filling a doorway as he comes through. After talking awhile, he let me film this little solos and since it is real live, raw Clay, I decided to include it here.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Scene Two is Kyle s solo. He is already naked and jacking his uncut dick in front of the studio mirror. You get to see two Kyle’s from different angles. He is adorable, cuddly, and masculine and has a heart-winning smile. A couple of street tats add some toughness and remind us of his in-your-face past. Doesn’t matter, he’s hot and I think anyone would love to have him at any time, anywhere! Kyle shoots on the glass and eats his own load, which doesn’t exactly thrill him. But he’s a good sport!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scene Three is Clay and Kyle together. I was surprised how well they meshed. They take turns striping off each other’s clothes before they begin to kiss passionately and lick each other’s hot naked bodies. Remember, these guys are straight! Licking leads to sucking and Clay has never seen an uncut cock before. It doesn’t take him long to master the art of the deal, however and soon his tongue is exploring Kyle’s entire dick Kyle returns the favor, slow at first then with assurance he takes Clay’s rock hard 8-incher and makes love to it. Shot from below, you see Clay’s face, Clay’s dick disappearing into Kyle’s mouth as the older stud coaxes and advises the younger one. I get them on the sofa and get their legs up so I can see each butt spread wide. It looks hot but they are anxious to get back to SEX, so Kyle drops to his knees and starts sucking Clay while his legs are still in the air. Kyle runs his fingers all around his buddy’s ass crack and it isn’t long before he and Clay have changed positions. Clay figures if he gives Kyle a good rim job, he will return the favor! So Clay buries his face in Kyle s butt and tongues his hole. And the camera is right there capturing his flicking tongue and Kyle’s winking pucker. Hot! The two 69 taking turns on top and Clay begins to finger Kyle’s young ass. He then gets Kyle on his back, legs in the sir and begins to prep him for what I hope is going to be a wild fuck. He fingers the target and Kyle is more than ready for a good pounding, but the condom makes Clay’s dick die down, and I won’t let them fuck bareback. What to do, what to do? Clay inserts a large butt plug into his ass thinking it might help, but no go. Kyle bravely steps up to the plate and fucks the hell out of Clay, ramming his condom-covered dick way into the older butch stud. After some real grunting and moaning, Kyle shoots a huge load all over Clay s face while Clay shoots on his own chest.

Next is the hot shower that the guys took after their fucking. By now, they are at ease with their bodies, their buddy’s body and the whole sexuality of the moment. They caress and explore each other, kissing here, licking there, and get down to a whole lot of wet sucking before they end in a hot passionate kiss. And you guys know, I love to see two straight men kiss!

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JackBuddies #21: Kyle and Clay

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