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Signature Series: Clay

I first saw Clay crossing a street from a construction site to a deli as I was on my way to an appointment. Already late, I couldn’t stop. On the way back, he was eating under a tree, so I made a quick left turn and gave him a card. He called and came in for a shoot, leaving his girlfriend in the car (great idea!) This video starts at that very first shoot and traces him from getting naked for the first time all the way through toy play to some serious dick sucking and getting fucked. He is 6’2’’ always tanned and blonde, though his hairstyles change frequently. He is always sexy and horny so I always enjoy his shoots. We have been friends for almost 10 years now and it is an experience I will always be grateful for such a great ass!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Clay has show up for his first shoot in jeans and a tee. I don’t know it yet, but his girlfriend is in the car (and she can stay there, too) it is a leap of faith that he showed up for the appointment, as he had never considered doing anything like this. In fact, he thought he was ugly because his parents never took pictures of him! Go figure! He is eager to get going and so am I, so he begins to strip and proudly reveals his 22-year-old body. He is blonde and tanned and sexy as hell. I cut to his first cum shot during a simple bondage shoot and he literally gushes cum. Then I show you a shoot a week later where he is jacking off again shoots a load all over his tanned torso. This guy is a cum factory!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Clay kinda liked the bondage we did a few weeks earlier and suggested we take it further, and I am to please. Strapped to the wall in dog collar and jean cut offs, I get to explore his sexy, butch body. Feeling his biceps, pinching his nipples. Running my fingers through his pits, it is just too much to have this hot straight man totally subservient to me. But I am not going to stop. I go for the dick and it feels real good. I ask him if he’s ready to obey and we move on. Jacking his hard dick, rubbing his tight torso, gets him in the mood to get into the sling. Jacking his dick furiously, he gets his ass ready by fingering it. Then a butt plug goes in. I stop and take some flash pictures as this straight guy fucks his ass. He can’t believe it and neither can I! He fucks himself with a larger vibrator and we cut away to him lying on the floor legs up while I finger his tight butt. I make him talk about it and it seems to turn him on more as I fuck his straight boy butt with the vibrator. He jacks his dick and fucks his butt as I cum all over his chest. Covered in another man’s load, this straight guy keeps on jacking until he shoots and adds his jizz to mine. Does this make up jizz brothers? Exhausted, he stands and one last bead of cum drops from his semi hard dick.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Clay is in bed spread wide open. Some time has passed and we have played quite a bit, so he is very comfortable with me. He is a perfect model as he does everything I ask from spreading to greasing his fine ass. Some toys find their way making him rock hard as they fuck his ass: vibrators each larger than the previous, a beer bottle, tit clamps and a cucumber. When he is ready to get off, he jacks his dick as I slip several fingers up that tight hole until he and I shoot. What a friendship!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

It’s after a Bucs football game and he’s wearing his jersey to support our local team. He wants to play so he strips quickly and damn, he looks hot! He turns around slowly so you can see every sexy inch. He begins to finger his butt and starts to work himself over with a vibrator before screwing his butt with a huge manrammer dildo! But he wants more and sits on the enormous latex cock taking it deep into his now stretched hole. He wants more and fucks his ass doggy style in one of the hottest single scenes I have ever seen, let alone shot! He keeps fucking his butt and soon he juts has to shoot a hot load. Then it’s my turn and after knocking over a prop, I shoot a load all over his handsome face

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Clay is tied to an unfinished wall. He sure looks good in his jean cut offs and again he is a willing plaything. I clip the tit clamps on his hot pecs and blindfold the hot stud so he can’t see what I have in mind for him. I shave his balls, which gets him hard before moving on to his pits. He looks great all spread out with shaved crotch, chest and pits. An anal probe completes his training as he jacks his rock hard cock. He fucks his butt with the probe as his fist pounds his cock and I can’t believe I am seeing this. It is too fuckin’ hot!

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Clay is very relaxed in the studio. His shirt is gone and he is draped over the sofa inviting my hands to explore his hot body. Massaging his pecs, biceps and neck further relax my special friend. I get his dick hard before he takes it out of his pants and once he is totally erect and hard, the fun starts. He sucks my dick so hard I can hardly stand it. He can’t seem to get it deep enough down his throat and twists and turns to lick my balls and get more cock. You can tell this isn’t an act; he really likes sucking his ole' Uncle Mar’ s dick! But to me, sucking is foreplay and I want to fuck. And I do. I fuck Clay on his side and on his back making him moan, groan and squeal with sexual delight. Since this is something he doesn’t get very often, he is really into it. Wonder what his girlfriend would say if she saw her man spread wide getting fucked! He stays hard and sits on my dick and rides it. It is too hot for me and I cum too quickly. He stills wants to get off getting fucked, so I get him a dildo to ride. He takes every last latex inch jacking his dick until he shoots in his hand and wipes his own cum all over his handsome face.

A photo gallery follows with some hot still images of this incredible man.

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series: Clay

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