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Signature Series: Kyle

They don’t get much cuter than this 19-year-old boy toy. Kyle is 5'11, 150 pounds and has a fat uncut cock. Did I mention he is cute? I found him one afternoon walking down the street with his shirt unbuttoned. As he leaned into the car to talk to me, I could see a couple of tats and sure wanted to see more. He called a few days later and we scheduled a shoot. He did’t get naked until the second shoot, and didn’t get off until his fourth! My, I must’ve really wanted him to be strung along so long! But I have to admit he was worth it! Now he's been captured on video for all to see and enjoy. And there’s lot s more coming!!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

In the studio, Kyle is seated in a chair and can't wait to show off. Within seconds he is playing with his nipples even before he takes his shirt off! He stays seated as the camera pans his beautiful young body so close you can feel the texture of his smooth skin. He pulls his ever-hardening cock out and is soon dropping his shorts to the floor. This guy is so hot; I can't resist playing with his uncut dick so I can show you how his foreskin works. Now he's totally naked and hard, and that's a good combo. He throws his legs up so you can see his little pink pucker. It's cute, too.

Now he's in jeans standing shirtless waiting impatiently for the shoot. He gets naked and is soon stretched out wearing a favorite old jock strap that I’ve had for years (oh, the memories!!) As he jerks his young dick, he slides out of the jock and gives the camera another super hot ass shot! He continues stroking and after changing hands several times, shoots a thick, creamy load all over his fist. Then he scoops up some of the fiery liquid and licks his fingers.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Kyle is more experienced now and a lot more relaxed with the studio, the camera and me! He is naked and poses around and on a table, which allows him to bend this way and that, spreading this and that as he goes. God, he's sexy as he shows you everything. This is one hot kid. When he's on his knees looking into the camera saying he wants to get fucked, you’ll want to know where the end of the line is!! He looks and sounds so hot juts talking about getting fucked, I have him say it a couple of times!! Soon Kyle's on his back with his legs up and there's some more dirty talk. The butt shots are fantastic and juts may be the best I have ever shot. But of course, the subject was worthy of a museum! I can't wait to see something slide into that hot, tight pink hole. I get my wish as he slides a greased finger all the way in and begins to finger his virgin butt. Soon a butt plug disappears into the hot stud and he begins to jerk his dick. Once he gets hard, he goes for a vibrator and pursues this new sensation. Fucking his butt as he jerks his dick feels better than he expected. He should listen to his Uncle Mark! He goes bigger with a white vibrator and his dick gets harder and harder. His boyish smile and winning personality really add to his appeal, as does the big red rubber butt plug shoved up his ass! He poses for you on his knees and on his back again talking dirty fuck talk. Flat on his back with his legs up, he looks so incredibly sexy and totally fuckable. He wants a new thrill; so I give Kyle a zucchini and tell him where to put it. As he greases the big green vegetable (fruit?) he tells you exactly what he's going to do with it. And then he does. He looks very comfortable as he strokes his hard cock and it isn’t too long until he shoots a huge wad. As he moves around, the zucchini shoots out leaving a sudden emptiness. Kyle is in the shower getting cleaned up and looks great soaking wet. He soaps up and shows you every nook and cranny on his hot young body. He likes putting on a show and he puts on a good one! He dries off and is ready to call it a day.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

It was all coming to this: Kyle has a cock in his mouth! It isn’t easy for him and the kid gags as he does something he never thought he'd do. But he does and he's pretty good at it. But if you thought that was the main even, sit tight: Kyle is going to get fucked! His virgin but gets fingered to prepare it but all too soon it's time and he takes it like the man he is. He gets fucked on his side, on his back and then sits on my dick and rides it. He looks so hot riding cock both front wards and backwards and the close ups show you all the penetration. To his own surprise, he gets hard as he's getting fucked and soon shoots a load of hot white cum all over the studio floor. Then he sucks a little more dick and takes a facial cum shot right across his handsome face.

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series: Kyle

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