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Signature Series - Cuba

Cuba is in his late twenties and has one of the biggest dicks I have ever seen. And this big dick gets really hard. You can see how proud he is of his massive equipment and can tell hew much he loves showing it off. The first time I asked him to strip, he practically ripped his clothes off! You gotta love that enthusiasm! And you also have to love that fine chest, great arms, sexy thighs and bubble butt that complete the package.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Cuba has come for his first shoot wearing a dark tee and ripped baggy shorts. He is trying to impress me with what a good person he is, and I just want him to strip. Guess who wins! He is pretty anxious to show me what he's got, and when I see it, my jaw hits the floor! This guy is huge! I get him into a pair of tight white lycra shorts to check out the bulge and do a short costume shoot cause I am anxious to get him stripped and see if this big thing gets hard. In briefs, with his dick hidden, you can concentrate on how fine his body is. Smooth olive skin, juts the right amount of hair, great biceps and pecs, tight abs, muscled things and some great ink make for a pretty sexy package. But time to get naked! Cuba gets in bed and strips off the shorts and shows you his fabulous dick, which is starting to stiffen (could it be the weather?) I guide him through a rather extensive but show that makes him spread his secret spot in a variety of positions: on his back, on his stomachs, and on his knees. In addition to his great dick, he has a very sexy, furry hole with a little virgin pink eye! After oiling up his torso, playing with his nipples and armpits, he works his slippery hands down to his cock and begins to jerk that big thing. After he gets it hard, and man, does it get stiff as a board, we talk about sex. He tells us about the first time he had sex and about his sexuality. He hesitates before saying he's straight. Could there be a story here? Cuba loves playing with his dick, and who wouldn’t. Remember there are two kinds of men: size queens and liars! I have him stand up so we can see this 3 pounds of sausage hanging in the breeze. Then it's back to horizontal and a few more poses to see that dick and ass working together! He looks great with those broad shoulders and then he pumps his fist until he shoots a really thick load all over his hairy tattooed belly. He's happy; I'm happy, hope you are, too!

I knew you would want to watch this hot Latin in the bathroom! He soaps up, rubs down and gives you plenty to see as he does. As he does, you get to see every inch, every nook and every cranny of his hot body as if you were showering with him. How's that for a fantasy? The line forms to the left. After drying off he bends over the counter fort a beautiful spread ass shot!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It's two weeks later and he's agreed to play with his ass on camera and he puts on a show. Cuba is relaxing and as he gets into the mood, he plays with his chest and biceps before running his hand into his jeans to grab his dick. When the pants come off, he's already hard and he continues to play with his very masculine body and jerk that big dick. This guy even has great nuts! He paws his sack and bats his balls around like a pro! In bed he continues to work his meat and as his finger leave the Vaseline and heads for his tight virgin hole, I can't believe he's really going to do it! But he does! He fingers his ass as deep as he can. He tackles his virgin hole like an enemy that must be conquered. And, God how hard his dick is! It jerks as he shoves a butt plug into his hole as his hand madly jerks his steel hard cock. He's up for more, so I give him a vibrator and he shoves it in and begins to fuck his ass. I even get up the nerve to finger his ass and I am glad I did! Now it's a bigger vibrator that's sliding deep into this butch masculine stud and his dick seems even bigger! He's game, so a glass dildo precedes the zucchini, which he is able to take very deep. Since he doesn’t have to hold the vegetable in his ass, he is free to jerk that big dick, and he does. I really think having something up his butt makes his dick bigger! After the zucchini, he takes the 12'' manrammer dildo and shoves it up his now hungry hole. He jacks his dick wildly and begins to moan about being fucked. To see such a butch straight guy getting fucked so hard and enjoying it so much is a great sight! After fucking himself in several positions, including a really hot doggy style version, he sits on a dildo and rides his new latex lover. He can't come with anything in his ass (?) so he stands and jacks his dick in front of the big studio mirror. Now you can see him from several angles as he shoots another creamy load all over the glass, and then smears his thick white stuff across his chin.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scene Three is a short bonus featuring Cuba in a set of tight nipple clamps which he models for your pleasure. Then he does the impossible: Cuba licks my feet, chews on the front of my underwear and the really sucks my dick! He's never done that before and I don't think he's real crazy about it, so enjoy this short scene! We may never see him like this again!

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Signature Series - Cuba

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