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JackBuddies #19

These 3 straight guys were a lot of fun to film. Simon had known Blair and had a crush on him. He never thought they would connect! And Austin just happened to stop by and stayed for some fun! It is incredibly hot watching them interact, watching their huge dicks bob as they move around and squirm uncomfortably during their first same sex kiss! But they do it all and are different people after shooting this video!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene One starts with Blair and Simon goofing off in the studio. They are old friends who are about to get a lot closer! They casually strip and check each other out very carefully. Simon's huge dick is a real shock to Blair, who figures he is probably going to get fucked! Simon also has a truly beautiful body with 6-pack abs that are unbelievable! And that cock is the preverbal horse cock! They pose together and look hot. As they get used to touching each other, they begin to explore. I urge them along with some simple stage directions (I always suggest turning the sound down as I hate my voice!) To cover their nervousness, they playfully moan and groan in a take off of a bad porno. It's too funny! And then they kiss! As the kiss goes on and gets deeper hands start to wander and soon they are off and running grabbing each other's dicks. Simon is the first to suck; remember he had a crush on Blair for some time. He is an enthusiastic cock sucked and deep throats his friend, which makes his huge cock rock hard. After some more straight boy kissing, Blair returns the favor and gets as much of that huge dick in his mouth as he can. The guys take turns sucking each other and get pretty into it as they bob for cock and lick each other's balls. They lay down head to toe for some 69 action, which looks great to me! Thank God the camera was on a tripod; it left me with one hand free for you know what! Blair has Simon on his back with his legs in the air so he can play with his hot black ass. One finger greases the way for a vibrator and sucking makes Simon dick absolutely throb with delight. After some different toy action, Simon gets on top of Blair and fucks his buddy's waiting mouth. This gets Blair hot and soon it is his turn to throw his legs in the air and get fucked with some toys. Between the vibrator going in and out of his ass and his cock going in and out of Simon's hot mouth, Blair is in sex heaven! After some more kissing and nipple action, Blair sits on Simon's big dick and tries to stretch to accommodate the huge pole. He has some trouble but after awhile he can get most of it up his ass. This looks a lot like the scene in JackBuddies 17 where Austin rides Blair's cock. But now, Blair is on the receiving end! Simon fucks Blair on his back, then flat on the floor and finally gets him up doggy style for some heavy (and deep!!) fucking. Blair is seemingly in a trance as this huge cock pumps in and out of his tight little ass. But Simon isn't through yet! He goes in so deep the condom disappears! Now that Blair is all stretched he sits down on the huge cock easily and rides it while he jacks his dick. When his ass can't take any more, they switch gears and Blair cums all over Blair's handsome face. Then it is Simon's turn to shoot all over Blair's upturned face! They end up sucking each other's still hard dicks! Hot, Hot, Hot!! Next is the shower after the party. By now they are totally at ease and play with each other as they suck and kiss in the hot water.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Austin stopped by unexpectedly and I asked him to join in. He is extra blonde today and looks great next to Simon and his old video mate Blair. I get them to pose a little showing off hard cocks and tight asses before they begin to take turns sucking each other and Austin unloads on Blair's face!

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JackBuddies #19

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