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Signature Series - Jordan

Jordan is 28 and straight. That matters only to him; I have learned not to let heterosexuality be a stumbling block. When I hear it, I just think so what and continue to get to know they guy I am working with. Jordan is an interesting man in that he is really just sexual and I mean very sexual. Totally masculine, extremely straight appearing, he just happens to have discovered another side to himself in this video. And it's a side you will enjoy as he slowly reveals it. This video is longer than usual, almost 90 minutes and proceeds slowly as I get this guy to strip, jack his dick, spread his ass and even violate his virgin butt. And that’s just the beginning. Sit, down, garb on and enjoy the ride!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Jordan has come in for an interview and maybe his first photo shoot. He doesn’t know what to expect and is a little nervous. After welcoming him to the studio and confirming that he wants to do adult videos, I ask him a few questions to put him at ease. Like most straight men he is eager to announce his heterosexuality and brag about his conquests. He tells us about the first time he jacks off and seems to be more relaxed. He offers a peak at his chest and even discusses his armpits! So I ask him to drop his pants and cannot believe the size of his dick. This thing is huge and I am especially happy to see it is getting hard! His cock must be 8 inches and looks huge just hanging out of his fly. He tries on a pair of ripped jeans and looks hot with that big ole dick sticking straight out and his arms flexed! I am beginning to get interested When he turns around and drops the jeans over his milky smooth buns and spreads his cheeks, I know I am hooked and will do a very thorough job shooting this stud!

He stands and jacks his dick in front of the mirror and looks so sexy it should be against the law! I am having trouble concentrating as he gets in bed and does a perfect butt shot. On his back, legs up, on his knees you get the first look at this guy's hot hole. A hole that probably hasn’t been seen since he was diapered! And it's a beaut! I have to show him just how to spreads his cheeks for maximum view; or do I just want to touch that hot ass? I talk him into playing with his ass with some baby oil, but he doesn’t want to finger it, because it will hurt. After some gentle reassuring his finger slides in his butt and a new sexual chapter is started. Not only does it not hurt, it feels damn good as he jacks his 8'' cut dick. A little butt plug starts him on his toy education and I think he is more than a little surprised how good it feels. I ask him to move up to a small vibrator and then a larger one and the whole time his dick is getting harder and harder! He may just pass out from all the blood going to his massive meat! Keep in mind this is as it happened and you see his wide-eyed surprise and one toy after another goes deep inside him. And it feels great! If you don't believe me, take a look at his face as a big (and I mean BIG) red butt plug slide home! I should also tell you that once he gets used to being fucked by the toy, I have him get on his knees so you can see his fabulous low hanging balls!

He wants to come but is sure he can't (won't) come with something in his ass (that would be too gay!!) but after jerking empty, he thinks a little toy might help. So in goes the small butt plug. If a little one helps a little, a bigger one will help more, so he goes back to the vibrator and shoots a huge very thick, very white load on his sexy belly!!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It's the next day and Jordan is back. Standing naked, Jordan looks hot, hot, hot! I get him into bed quickly and want to continue his anal education. His dick is rock hard in anticipation of today's lesson. I have a good pupil on my hands! After a through self-fingering, he fucks his now eager ass with the small plug before going on to the infamous beer bottle! Fucking himself with a beer bottle is a rush and he is eager for a new experience, so out comes the cucumber! He is all game and really tries to get the cold green cuke as deep in his hot tight ass as he can. And we joke about it being a good attempt for first grade! The big red butt plug makes another appearance and he treats it like an old fuck buddy! Come on in and fuck me!! It must feel good cause he lets me jack his dick, which is so hard I could break it off! He wants more, so I give him the 10'' manrammer dildo and he doesn’t hesitate to shove it deep in his ass. And yes, he stays hard!

Jordan looks so hot sitting on the edge of the bed jacking his monster cock and knowing that he is about to sit on the dildo and really get fucked deep has me very excited! As he walks around the bed, his huge dick sways from side to side and gets longer and harder as he impales his ass on his new latex friend. He rides it, flexes on it and generally has a real good time before shooting another thick load on his thigh. After he lifts off the dildo (very slowly) he bends over and shows you where he got fucked. Then I make him discuss the shoot and tell you just what he's done! You won't believe which toy was his favorite!

Jordan takes a long hot shower letting the water caress his lean body and run into all kinds of interesting places. Great time to be a drop of water! He is totally oblivious to the camera and showers just like he was alone. And it looks so sexy! This guy looks great dirty or clean! After drying off, I get him to give us another spread ass shot for good measure (and cause I want one!)

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Jordan is sucking a fat rubber cock and is doing a pretty good job. It's a couple of shoots later and he has relaxed around me totally. There is such easy camaraderie that when I ask him to suck my dick, he bends over and takes my cock in his mouth and proceeds to give a really good straight-men blowjob. He says he will even let me cum on his face! But I have come this far; why not try for a home run? He lies on his side and I stick my dick in his waiting ass fucking him as hard as I can. He groans, begs for more and seems to like, no love, the extreme fucking he gets. His moans and groans were cheering me on to go deeper and harder into this straight studs tight ass. Fucking Jordan got me off, and it will get you off, too!

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series - Jordan

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