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Signature Series - Russell

This is a video I can’t believe I made. First it is longer than our usual 1-hour format. But more importantly is its content. When I watch porn, whether mine or someone else’s, I always have the fast forward in one hand (and you know what’s in the other!!) And I always fast forward through a lot of the video until I get to a good part. Even when editing the videos I shoot there is always some footage that I go ho-hum and rush past to get to a good part. In this video the whole thing is a good part: the sexual tension of watching this very handsome straight man surrender is intriguing and incredibly hot to watch. The tension builds until it is overwhelming as he goes further and further. I have intentionally done very little editing and you see this as it happens in real time. This is one video you will watch over and over and see something new each time!!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Russell flexes his huge arms wearing a tight tank top and I almost faint! His arms are huge and the guy is gorgeous: curly dark hair, sexy bedroom eyes, a wicked smile and a butch muscular body from years in the gym. As I am sure he’s going to look great, I have him try on a bunch of different clothes. No, my intention is not a butch fashion show, but rather to set a fantasy stage. Costumes and situations where you might see this hunk and then imagine what he would be like in bed. You get to see him in cut offs, tight shorts, sleeveless shirts, underwear, all American bikini, construction worker clothes (which look totally hot with his 2-day old beard!!) a posing strap and even nipple clamps!! Of course there is our usual attention to his hot ass and sexy pits. Since he wasn’t butt shy, my job was a piece of cake!! A perfect model, he did everything I asked him to do and even more. After the extensive posing routine, he gets in bed and gets down to a serious butt show. This is probably my favorite part of a first shoot and the determining factor about the model’s future. And as I said, Russell wasn’t shy and seemed to be asking for some hot butt action. Here you see him on his back with his legs spread high and wide, on his stomach spread wide, even on all fours! This guy’s ass is begging for it!!

He starts licking his massive biceps and playing with his armpits and nipples as he oils down his hot torso and begins to jack his dick. It doesn’t take him long to get hard and he keeps pumping his fist until I tell him to stand up and show off in the mirror. His cock is pointing skyward and he goes back to the bed to continue jacking his meat. He shoots a more than ample load on his hand and in his pubes. Then I get him to talk about the shoot and showing his ass. You can see him getting ready to cross the line as he bends over and spreads that hot ass again! Then a hot steamy shower scene where you see the hot water run down his cut chest, over his pumped biceps, down his Adam’s girdle to his thick cut cock, down his chiseled massive thighs and that’s only the front. His magnificent bubble butt is on display, too! He even shaves his chest on camera which he does every other day in his real life.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

This scene should be called Body Builder Toy Fantasy because this is where he fucks his tight bubble butt until he’s exhausted and drained!! Not to waste any time, he starts out in bed naked. Looking good! After getting his dick hard, he begins to finger his ass while jerking his dick. That feels so good, that it’s easy to talk him into shoving a small butt plug in that hot butt. He stays hard and continues jacking, so after changing positions, I give him a small vibrator. No problem there, so he begins to fuck his butt without being asked to. A larger vibrator sinks deep into this hot straight man and his dick gets harder and harder. A glass dildo stretches him for a big red butt plug. He really likes this toy and gets on all fours for you to see his muscular ass and hard dick. After going back to the vibrator, he fucks his ass with our famous beer bottle. While he’s been fucked up on beer many times, this is the first time he’s been fucked by beer! And, yes, that dick is rock hard, ready to burst! To soothe his hot-on-fire ass, I give him a cool zucchini and he slides it deep jacking all the while! I never thought I would see this guy with a vegetable shoved in his ass! But he wants more, so I give him the 12’’ manrammer dildo and he almost goes into a trance as is slides deeper and deeper into his ass. He even sits down on the dildo and rides it!

By now he is begging to cum, and I give him his choice of toys to use while he shoots. His choice is the big red butt plug and he even admits that it will help to have something is his ass. After that total confession, he strokes his dick, spreading his legs wider and wider until he can't take it any more and shoots a thick creamy load all over his hand. And eats it! That’s right, this straight beefy dude eats his own stuff! I make him tell us what he’s done and talk about getting fucked before he spreads and fingers his ass once more!! I can’t wait for more!

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series - Russell

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