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Signature Series - Mike Scott

Mike Scott is quite a man. He's 28, 5'11 and weighs a very solid 180 lbs. He is naturally very quiet, but when he speaks it's with a deep masculine voice that commands attention. Sometimes, he looks like a more masculine Matt Damon!! He works outdoors and has a great natural tan; so no tanning beds for him! He is very well built and proportioned, has a sexy hairy chest, huge dick and low hanging balls. And an ass of death!! In this video you will see how he likes to use his ass for pleasure and be astounded how this easily butch straight man goes from top to bottom.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

In the studio, Mike talks directly to you. He is naked and offering to fulfill your fantasies. He is, he says, a dirty white boy, and has a tattoo to prove it. Mike puts on a costume show consisting of jeans, tight short cut offs, athletic gear, all of which set the fantasy stage for where you might have seen him. His sexy hairy chest and dark tan are highlighted, as is his magnificent butt, which he spreads several times for your inspection. Though he may be teasing you, he is striped naked and you seen every delectable inch of this impossibly beautiful man's body. One of my favorites is when he pulls his cock out of his boxers and plays with this thick piece of meat until it is at attention!! And it looks even better when he's totally naked! After bending over and spreading to show you some head and tail, he starts jacking his monster cock. He's all relaxed and does a little butt show for you before jacking his dick to his full satisfaction. He shoots a huge thick load on his belly, and then scoops up his cum and eat it. After showing you thicker cum hanging on his hairy belly, he heads for the showers and you get to watch. It's a long steamy shower again showing every bit of his tough masculine body.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Now it's time to get serious and he looks hot in tight white shorts that huge his hot bubble butt and cup his beautiful bulge. He bends over, greases his finger and sticks it in his ass. After a good greasing, he shoves a big red butt plug deep inside his butt, pulling up the shorts and asking what's next. What's next is he's in bed and he teases you showing the plug still planted firmly in his ass as he poses on the bed on his stomach with his legs spread wide, and on his back. This guy looks so hot in bed, it should be a crime! He strips off the little white shorts and you can see that the plug his been in him the whole time. He throws his legs in the air and spreads wide for your inspection. Jacking his dick makes it rock hard and the plug is still shoved deep. But he wants something else, so out comes the plug, and in goes a 12'' manrammer dildo. This seems to hit all the right spots as he fucks his butt and moves around on the bed. Wanting to go still further, Mike sucks a dildo and then sits down on the latex cock and rides it. Jacking his dick furiously, he takes the entire dildo. And shoots another huge load all over the bed. When he lifts off, you can see juts how deep it was and how hard he was fucked.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scene Three is a real suck and fuck, and Mike sucks a man's cock for the first time. He's pretty good and looks into the camera as he licks cock, sucks dick and chews on balls. But he wants to get fucked, so he slides a condom on his partner's dick and gets ready for impact! Mike gets fucked on his side so you can see it all. Next he gets fucked on his back with a great insertion shot, and then he sits on the dick and rides it with his cock completely hard. When it's time to cum, he throws his legs over his head and shoots into his mouth and all over his handsome face!

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series - Mike Scott

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