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Best Damn Dildo Movie #2

This is a collection of 8 straight men with various toys shoved deep in their butts. They use fingers, vibrators, beer bottles, cucumbers and several large dildos to achieve satisfaction. No soft dicks or wimpy half-penetrations here. The cocks are rock hard and the dildos are deep. If you are into straight guys getting plowed, you're gonna wear this video (and your cock) out!!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Blair has gotten into bi-sex since he started working with us. When we first see Blair he already has a good-sized vibrator shoved up his butt and he's rock hard. And it gets better. He jacks his hard dick and tries to decide what goes up his ass next. It's a tough choice, they all feel so good, but he settles on the 12’’ manrammer dildo with the easy to grip handle. With it wedged between his tight straight butt cheeks, he throws his legs as high in the air as he can and fucks his tight little hole. Even that action isn't enough and he greases up a lifelike latex cock and sits right down on it still jacking his dick. (Check out the mushroom headed piece on this guy!) With the latex lover deep inside him, it only takes Blair a minute or two to blow a big load on his thigh.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Next is Travis, a Leonard diCaprio look alike. This tanned, blonder smooth boy toy has a head start and has a butt plug up his ass. But he wants more and goes for a big black vibrator. This gets his rock hard and ready for a cucumber, which goes more than half way into this hot guy. When Travis flips over on his knees, the cuke stays in place hands free!! Next is the same manrammer Blair found so interesting and it scores another deep direct hit as Travis strokes his dick and fucks his butt. It takes him two hands as he fucks his butt on the dildo and shoots a load that covers him from head to belly in his own hot juice. He even shoots in his own mouth!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

When Tom first came, he was so straight acting I thought he was a policeman. He's very straight, but also very curious and it didn't take long to get a toy up his ass. He starts out with a vibrator and as his dick gets hard, moves over on his back with the vibrator buried deep and jerks his dick to a hot load on his belly.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Daniel is a real hot straight longhaired buddy who makes his first video appearance here. He has a gorgeous smooth body and is quite handsome. When we first see him, the vibrator is buried to the hilt and his cock is hard which he takes great delight in showing you with a wicked smile that melts hearts. You're gonna love this guy, I sure do! When he gets going, he grabs a beer bottle and you can guess where it goes and he's still hard. He's all excited and moves on to a cucumber, which slide right in as he jerks his harder than ever dick. All the while he's talking to you about what he's doing and how it feels. He spreads his tight virgin butt for you before he shoves a latex dildo in. Jacking his dick for all he's worth, he shoots a thick white load with his latex lover buried to the hilt. Hope his girlfriend never sees this!

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Cody Cash is up next. By now, you know I discovered Cody, I was the first to shoot him, I named him, I introduced him to Hollywood XXX agent David Forrest and I gave him his baptism into gay sex. Here's the adorable blond stud with a beer bottle buried deep in his butt jerking his dick to a raging hard, before getting fucked with a dildo. He wants the dildo deeper and sits all the way down on the 8'' rubber lover. He jacks his dick and shoots four big puddles of cum on his hairy thigh.

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Jared is all man. He's in his 30's and is a Rumanian gypsy. Strikingly handsome, built as a brick shit house, he has a huge thick uncut cock. He plays with his foreskin as he prepares his butt for a little attention. He fingers his ass and then flips over so he can spread his magnificent cheeks for a finger, a butt plug, a selection of vibrators, and a beer bottle. Now it's time to cum and he shoves the larger vibrator deep and jacks his fat uncut cock until he shoots in his hand. This is the kind of guy you never thought you would see cum, let alone get fucked!!

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Amateur Video Scene 7:

Marty has a great body and a handsome face. He's bit of a bad boy, I found out the hard way. But he's hot and as he sits on the dildo, rides it while jacking his dick; I think I can forgive him. He really likes the anal invasion and shoots all over his smooth chest. His dismount shows you just how much of the dildo was inside this hot straight stud.

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Amateur Video Scene 8:

The final scene should be called Abercrombie boy rides a dildo. Brandon is so cute, so hot, so straight, so cuddly, so everything that it's impossible not to fall for him. I have gotten more emails about him that anyone since Derrick and Blake in Best Damn Dildo Movie #1 He shows you his virgin ass spread wide before he fucks it with a vibrator and gets hard. He switches to a larger vibrator and keeps on jackin’. Then it's dildo time and he fucks his butt as he works over his 8'' dick. To get it in really deep, he sits on it and rides the dildo. You get to see it from all angles and it's hot, hot, hot! He is sitting on the dildo as he shoots six spurts on his thigh and you get to see the total dismount, which is pretty impressive!

Classic Porn!

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Best Damn Dildo Movie #2

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