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Signature Series - DK

DK is one sexy construction worker. He came to me from his real life brother who also did a few videos. DK is 23, 5'6, 140 lbs darkly tanned and has a great hairy chest. He works as a carpenter and really got into butt play. This video also gets into some bondage and this kid looks real hot in a sling! Especially with a cucumber shoved up his ass!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

In the studio, DK is dressed in a tight black tee shirt and jeans. When he takes his shirt off, he proudly shows off his wonderfully hairy chest and great biceps. This guy has quite a V shaped torso! He flexes a bit and then drops his jeans. He teases up by staying in his blue briefs for some more muscle poses before deciding to show it all. But he finally is completely naked and he goes through a posing routine that even shows his cute butt. DK gets in bed and puts on quite a butt show on his knees before he starts to oil up his hairy torso and jack his ever-hardening cock. He lies across the bed and pumps his rock hard cock furiously until he shoots all over his hairy belly. Then it's off to the shower to clean up and you get to watch him soap up, rinse off and towel dry. He looks great bent over with a huge ball sac bobbing from side to side! I thought this was the end of the shoot, but he was up for more. He grabs a can of shaving cream and shaves his armpits! He stops after doing one and flexes so you can compare and decide which looks sexier. And it's a tough call! This guy is wild and I can't wait for his next shoot!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Two days later, DK comes back and is naked in bed. He wants to try something new, and begins by putting on a butt show that showcases his tight little pink hole. Before I can say anything, he greases up a finger and begins to finger his virgin ass. It's not going to be virgin for long, as he grabs a butt plug and slides it home with a real close up of the anal invasion. He jacks his hard dick and gets used to having something up his ass before I had him a vibrator. Guess where it goes, and his dick gets harder and harder. It isn’t long before he wants something else, so I give him an anal probe. He has a little trouble with the ball end but is successful. He stands up so you can see he has a toy hanging out of his ass while he jacks his dick in the mirror. And it looks hot! He goes back to fingering his butt and jacking his dick in preparation for another vibrator fuck, which goes better the second time. He jacks his dick and cums a healthy, creamy load all over his hairy belly and chest. He is so hot as he tells you what he's done and how it felt!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Two more days and DK is in jeans and no shirt stretched out on the floor. He pulls his jeans off spreading his butt as he does, and he has quite a hot ass. I know it's going to get a workout today! DK fucks himself with the little butt plug and begins to jack his dick. He goes from smaller to larger vibrator jacking his hard dick, not missing a stroke. Next a beer bottle disappears up his butt and he keeps jacking, telling me he can do a cum shot at anytime! So I let him shoot a third hot load. The loads get bigger and bigger and his enthusiasm does too! He's getting into toys, as he relaxes and really enjoys the anal stimulation.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Scene Four is sling time and he's flat on his back blindfolded in a chain sling. He spreads his butt like he knows what's going to happen. I finger his butt getting it primed for a non-stop anal assault like he has never experienced before. Vibrators, bottles, dildos all get shoved up this straight guys waiting hole. Not only does he take it, he likes it and wants to stretch his not so virgin butt hole. After some intense dildo fucking with a 12-inch manrammer dildo, he gets fucked by a large cucumber. And I mean fucked hard! This guy is in butt heaven and the green monster gets shoved deep inside his hungry ass. He gets fucked again by all the toys jacking his dick before he decides to cum with the cucumber. The harder I fuck him with the cucumber, the faster he pumps his dick shooting a huge load all over his thigh. Sometimes it's hard to show a good cum shot in a sling, but you get to see every drop!

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Scene five has DK rubbing his cock through his jeans; getting strung up with nipple clamps, while I play with his dick. He is handcuffed and subjected to clothespins on his nipples as he jacks his dick. Soon he is strung up with the anal probe up his ass and is getting fucked with the disappearing toy.

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

In bonus footage, you get to see the first time DK sucked a cock. He was pretty good at it and I bet it wasn’t his last time!

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series - DK

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