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Signature Series - Jerry

Jerry is a good ol' Southern boy even though he was born in New York. He has lived down here, in the backwoods for so long he’s become a cracker. He is very laid back and low key; honest to God sometimes I am not sure he has a pulse. But when he gets going, look out! This guy has a real 10-inch uncut dick and knows how to use it. Lovers of uncut cock are in for a real treat as he plays with his very ample foreskin. I met him through our model Marty and he called me two months later and said this was something he always wanted to do. Of course he meant with a girl, which somehow just never worked out!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

As we first meet Jerry at his first shoot he is shirtless just as he walked into the studio. I have him go through a beginners posing routine so as to assess his potential. Keep in mind; at this point I don’t know what’s in his pants! But he’s long, lean has some street or prison tats and has an interesting demeanor. When he opens his pants, things start to get interesting. Even soft he’s over six inches with a tight foreskin. He is naturally smooth and blonde. When he bends over his ass is white and creamy which contrasts with his tanned back and legs. He doesn’t mind doing the butt shots, so I m guessing he will be easy to work with. And fun! He has low hanging balls which look good from the front or the back! I want to see how he looks in some different costumes, so he changes into an array of jeans and tee shirts, and his cock begins to harden as he puts on a show for me. A natural show off, he enjoys being the center of attention and he tells me about his dick and when he found out it was larger than average. Of course, I manage to get a few more butt shots, too. I lay on the floor with the camera and shoot up his body as he walks forward with that huge dick swinging back and forth, and it's a great perspective. If it’s good from, the front, it must be good from the back and I get him to squat on the camera! The shot is so tight you can count the hairs on his balls! He gets in bed, naked of course, and I direct him in a no holes barred butt show. Being tall and lanky he can really spread those long legs, which really show his tight pink virgin hole. On his back, on his stomach on his knees all the while spreading his hot ass, whose virgin days are numbered. After a really excellent butt show, I get him comfortable on his back, give him some oil and he gets started. Rubbing his torso, playing with his nipples, he works his way down to his cock, which starts to get hard. It doesn’t take long before the monster is unleashed, and Oh My God!! This thing is huge! And veiny! He stands up and jacks off in front of our big studio mirror and it looks even bigger when he’s upright! He measures the cock, which must weigh 5 pounds. Then it’s back to bed to continue playing with what must have been his only toy as a child. When he cums, it’s a thick, white, creamy load that stretches across his 6-pack abdomen and shows really well against his tan.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Scene Two Starts with a close up of his butt and a discussion about him having a really pretty ass hole! He begins to massage his ass and grease sup a finger and finger fucks his ass. This is the very first time he has ever had anything in his butt and he’s a little leery, but willing. He skips our usual small butt plug and goes straight for the small vibrator. He hoists his legs up to get it in deeper and looks really hot getting fucked. He begins to play with monster cock again and gets some good results while fucking his ass. This guy is a quick learner! Lesson #2 is a larger vibrator, which goes right in after a slow grease job. He fucks his butt and I get him to talk a bit about what he’s doing. He even shows you how deep he was able to take it! He’s such a good student that I graduate him to the beer bottle, which slides home with ease. Jerry pulls his legs back high and wide and spreads his now dilated hole and tell me he’s starting to like it!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scene Three starts with a close up if his beautiful uncut cock. He plays with the ample foreskin and does a great job showing it off. Of course all the cock play makes him get hard (does wonders for me, too) and he strokes the cock back to its full glory. Today, I want to get some good footage of this big cock so he kneels down and jacks and jacks. This cock is fucking huge! He has large hands, which look small when grabbing this hard dick he really needs three hands! I can’t resist helping him out and it is thrilling to handle such a big piece of meat. Size Queen take note!! He jacks his dick until he shoots another thick creamy load on his smooth belly. I even talk him into tasting his cum, another first for him!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Scene four starts out with him suck a dildo, showing his girl friend how to do it. He seems to know what to do with a fake one, so I suggest he try a real one and Zap! He chows down on a cock and sucks dick for the very first time. This kid goes straight to the head of the class as he lays back and gets ready to get fucked also for the first time! He’s into all of it, and all of it gets into him! Good clear insertion shots document another straight stud being deflowered. He gets fucked on his side, on his back and then sits on it for a real fuck-ride. There’s just enough time for him to take a cum shot across his waiting face, for a final first and a complete education. The line forms to the right, guys!

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series - Jerry

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