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Signature Series - Vic

Talk about a handsome man!! Vic is 24, 5’10 and weighs a very trim 155 pounds. He is totally new to the world of bi-sex and is a little awkward as he explores it.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

In the studio, a shirtless Vic is a little nervous. It’s hard to get him to smile, but it is easy to get him to strip. Even though he has a very hairy chest, he has shaved his pubes before showing up. You never know with straight guys. He said he thought all porn stars shaved! Oh, well, let’s get going there’s still plenty to see! And he shows it all: from a flexing routine in his tighty whites to a great butt show in bed! And what a show! ON his back leg in the air, on his knees, on his stomach, always spreading his muscular glutes for your inspection with tight close ups of his sacred virgin little hole! After showing butt, he oils up his hairy torso and begins to jack his dick. It’s not long before his dick is at full staff and we can admire it in all its cut magnificence. Casually drinking a beer, he jacks his dick and talks about sex with his stripper girlfriend. (Hint: turn down the volume if you’re squeamish!) He jacks away and soon shoots a stream of hot white cum across his hairy stomach and pleasure trail. After such a delightful mess, it’s into the bathroom for a refreshing hot shower. You get to watch him lather up all his hairy nooks and crannies, flex and generally enjoy the hot water after his workout.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It’s the very next day and Vic has shown up for another shoot. I didn’t think he would come back to soon, but here he is. After another brief nude posing session to loosen him up, he’s back in bed with his legs in the air and an assortment of toys and dildos spreading his butt cheeks. For a newbie, this guy is rearing to go! He works some grease into his butt and shoved the butt plug all the way in his virgin butt. It’s slow going at first; after all he’s never done this before! I have him go through some poses with the plug firmly implanted so he can get used to it. When he’s more relaxed, he graduates to a small vibrator and worries about his facial expressions while he’s getting fucked. To smile or not to smile, that is the question! While deciding, he rams to vibrator all the way in and fucks his tight little butt. It’s on to a larger vibrator, and then a still larger one. The going gets a little tough as he stretches his virgin hole. He wants more money, so I tell him more toys. A recently emptied beer bottle finds its way up his ass and as he fucks himself with it, his dick starts to harden. Glory be, it’s a miracle! In the background you can here a bag rustle and you know the cucumber is next! The coldness of the cucumber is soothing to his aching stretched hole and he enjoys the therapy getting his legs way up high as he fucks his butt. I tell him one more toy, and soon he is sitting on the biggest most realistic dildo he’s ever seen. His eyes almost pop out of the sockets when the dildo pops into his ass! He slowly slides down on the dildo, grinding his ass on the bed. Nipple clamps heighten his exquisite pain and pleasure! He rides the dildo but can’t get hard with it in. He the sits on it backwards and it goes in much easier. When he gets off the dildo, he spreads his butt so you can se the deflowered hole in all its dilated glory!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

In some bonus footage, Vic sucks his first dick and is not sure how he feels about it. Talking in a very masculine hushed whisper, he reminds me he’s never done it before! After a little sucking, he greases up his butt so he can get fucked with the real thing. He’s a little dramatic as I stick it in for the first time. Moaning and groaning, as he gets pumped deep. There’s a tech glitch for a second, before I make him suck some more dick and then shoot all over his handsome face.

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series - Vic

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