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Signature Series - Adam

Amateur Video Scene 1:

I confess: I love blondes. They are definitely my type I love their straw colored tresses, preferably long, and sun bronzed tan skin. Get me every time. I remember some crazy article in an 80’s porn magazine debating on whether a blond surfer’s hair should bounce as he’s getting fucked. Such relevance! But a point worth serious debate in some circles. Anyway, Adam is the quintessential surfer. Blondes, tanned, tall, laid back and gorgeous. And such an adventuresome sexual spirit! I’d gladly spend much more time in, or I mean with, him! Seriously, guys, this is one of my all time favorite men and it’s a real pleasure to share him (all of him with you!

Gorgeous Adam is at the beach, natch! The sun whipping his long blonde hair and highlighting his tan to perfection. This 21-year-old surfer is really hot. I whisk him back to the studio to fill out an application for modeling. Reading the application back to the camera gives you all his stats before I tell him to strip. I am so excited as he unveils his body piece by piece, and can’t wait to see his cock, balls and ass. Fortunately I don’t have to wait very long, and they are perfect! Being naked gives him a semi-wood: a good sign of what’s to come! He is very relaxed being naked; I’m the one who’s nervous! He poses for my camera and isn’t reluctant at all to show his butt. So I get him to spread wide for my camera. Damn, I love my job! The butt show this hot surfer does on his back, on his stomach and on his knees should wet anyone’s appetite! He even lets me shave his asshole, which gets him totally hard! Yes! After the shaving session, I rub his butt with bay oil to sooth the chaffed skin and see his cock bounce! This makes me hungry for some more butt shots and Adam happily complies. He spreads some baby oil on his taut cheeks and spreads his hole working a finger deep inside his ass. He puts on a blindfold and lets me play with and finger his butt! Yes, for the second time!! Soon the vibrators come out and he’s all game. This kid can’t or won’t say no! I twist his cock and play with his nuts as he kicks back enjoying the attention. His dick is hard and he really seems to like being played with! Fingers, vibrators, toys on his back on his knees its all fair game! I guess it’s true: a hard dick has no conscious! He even spreads his butt to give me better access! But I have waited long enough to see him cum and I ask him to jack his dick. He watches a video and jacks off shooting a thick creamy load all over his tanned belly. At one point there’s steamy close up of his tender blond armpits with the tense boy-sweat running down his torso. Is it the studio lights or sexual tension? He stands up with his hard-on bobbing in the air and pronounces the shoot as very interesting! He goes through a couple of poses as we get ideas together for his next shoot.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Adam is tied up in the dungeon spread eagle on the wall. He’s wearing a tight wife-beater that juts begs to be ripped off and some really ripped cut off jeans and a jock strap. I rip his clothes off and oil up his hot young body increasing his delight with some tight nipple clamps. When his cock is finally exposed, he gets hard instantly. And that’s a real good sign! I continue playing with his hot body and jerking his cock all shot in tight close-ups so you can see the pulsing veins in his throbbing dick. After a good cock work out, I turn him around for some butt play. As I explore his ass, rubbing it with oil, spreading it, fingering it, I think I have died and gone to butt-lovers heaven! What else can I think of to do with him? Why, get him flat on his back with his legs in the air in a sling! Now that I have perfect access to his butt, I get down to business and really work that hole over. Fingers, toys, throbbing dick, its all here. He stays hard and again seems to love the physical attention. Bet his girl friend never does this for him! (Or to him!!) Wait til you see him hard as a rock with a butt plug shoved up his tight virgin butt. He’s never even heard of a butt plug, let alone seen one! After the butt plug he gets fucked with a vibrator and jacks his dick while getting butt fucked with the vibrator. Next he tries an anal probe taking it all the way to the hilt. He fucks his butt and jacks his dick in a totally new experience.

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Signature Series - Adam

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