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Signature Series - Van

Producer's Note: Van is 28 and one of straightest guys I have ever worked with. All thoughts conversations, everything all ways leads to pussy. Which made his anal conquest all the more challenging and ultimately rewarding. What you see here is a real pussy hound, turned upside down and spread open for your inspection. And he likes it! Maybe his name should have been Mikey Some great butt shots, butt play and cum shots make this video a must have for guys who like straight guys!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Van is in the studio for his first shoot. After some very sexy posing, which requires him to strip gradually. As he does, you get to see each part of his sexy straight body and have the chance to focus on every nook and cranny. His doctor doesn’t even get to see hi in such exquisitely hot detail! Once he's naked, you can appreciate the whole package, and what a package it is! Hot biceps, 6 pack abs, chiseled thighs and a cut dick to die for. He poses in some costumes: a jock strap, a football jersey (hot!!), and some jeans working gear. Anyway he's dressed he's hot, but I like him better undressed! And when he's rock hard, the entire better! And he is rock hard in a pair of skimpy Lycra shirts that show his cock and balls. He pulls the sorts down and his cock flies out of the tight fabric and goes boing! I shot him from the floor looking up his magnificent physique with his cock pointing north. Hot! But it's time to get him in bed where he has a tent in his shorts. He strips the shorts to his ankles and throws his legs in the air to get a great butt shot (one of the many in this very anal video!) In fact he does quite a butt show showing you the tight little rosebud he has protected for so long. He's on his back, on his stomach and on his knees spreading his ass as wide as he can. Too hot! Bet the guys at work have never seen him like this! He flips over on his back and begins to jerk his hard dick. It doesn’t take long before he's pounding away and shooting an awesome load all over his tanned torso all the way past his nipples! Standing up in the mirror his load dripping down his chest he looks so hot!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It's the next day and Van has come back and wants to do more. I discuss playing with some toys and he's all about it. So he gets naked in bed and begins to grease his virgin ass preparing for his very first anal assault. He greases up a butt and slides it home. His expression says I believe I'm doing this! But he does and after getting used to the anal invader, he poses with the plug, jacks his dick to a roaring hard on, and moves on to a vibrator which also hits the mark and damn well disappears, all the while is dick stays hard from the constant attention. But he wants something bigger, so a larger vibrator invades his tight little hole. Keeping in mind this is this guy's first anal activity makes the scene all the hotter cause this really is a first! He goes back to the smaller vibrator and jacks his now throbbing dick which aching for release. He does a great spread butt shot pulling his legs wider than I have ever seen before standing up to pose and jack off in the big studio mirror. Reflected in the mirror, you see two angles of his hot body and it's like watching twin jack off. He blasts a load on the glass and licks up his hot cum. Another first for him, and you get to see it. Later much more relaxed Van is in the studio giving the camera and you a tour of his hot body. He talks a lot about his hot ass and getting fucked. For a straight guy, he's pretty verbal about getting his ass violated and this is one hot fantasy!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

I filmed Van at a cheap motel, and from the time he welcomes you at the door to stripping and jacking off in bed, the whole scene feels like a quickie at a motel. Again, not a bad fantasy. His dick is rock hard and standing straight up as he walks around the room before getting in bed to show you his ass and shoot a hot load al over his abs. Wow. And this guy looks great with his legs in the air.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

An old hand by now, Van is back in the studio and talks about getting fucked with the toys before he strips and spreads his hot butt again. But this shoot is different. Today he will be in a sling, flat on his back with his legs spreads wide, exposing his hot hole to the world. I spread his butt for you and from his expression, you can tell he s not used to another man touching him so intimately. I grease his ass and finger his hot hole as he surrenders. He gets fucked with the butt plug, while I paw his nuts. Van jacks his dick getting a raging boner while getting finger fucked. The vibrator fucks him next and he keeps jacking. Begging to be fucked hard by the vibrator, this straight guy is enjoying this very kinky scene! Van stretches out on a black sheet that makes nakedness so beautiful and jacks his hard dick to a really big cum shot all over his chest. The camera angles in this scene really show his big balls and dick! Bet you get off on this one!!

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series - Van

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