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Nick's Toy Box

Technical Note: Scene three contains sound and digital glitches as noted by the producer in the text below.
Producer's Note: What can I say about Nick? He's adorable, cuddly, butch, and quite a handful (and he's got more than a handful, too!!) This all-new footage of this very popular model really focuses on very obvious enjoyment he gets from playing with his hot bubble butt. His cum shots are huge multi-spurt orgasms of thick white cum. Shot across his tight tanned torso, they are very impressive!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Nick is in the studio after a little time off. He is shirtless and looks great. His cock is already hard when he pulls it out of his jeans. I can't resist it, so I play with his rock hard 8'' piece. His pecs look pretty good, too, so I go after them. This is a job? More like heaven to me! He strips and I get him to open the sleep sofa so that you can see him bend and stretch and generally move around with his hard dick wagging all the time. Once in bed, he puts on a Butt Show that would delight any anal aficionado. Legs up and spread this kid looks hot and oh so fuckable!! He begins to finger his hot little ass while he jacks his hard dick. One finger, two fingers than a butt plug all find their way deep inside this stud. And his dick stays hard cause he likes it! He wants something larger and goes to a vibrator and fucks his butt. Still not enough, he goes to a larger vibrator but asks, Don't you have anything shaped like a dick? I tell him all in good time and get him to fuck his ass with a huge cucumber twice! Flipping over on his knees he rams his not so little green lover up his butt and man, it looks hot! I get him a life like latex cock with balls and he happily buries the rubber dick to the balls in his hungry ass jacking his ever-hard dick as he does. I warn him not to cum, as I want a longer show! I give him a Manrammer 12'' dildo and watch him as he fucks himself and jacks his dick. At one point, I take over control of the dildo as he moans, fuck me, fuck me hard! He fucks himself on his knees showing his broad shoulders, tanned back, narrow waist and white butt to advantage. He sucks on a dildo while getting fucked and still jacks his dick! This kid is insatiable! But now it's time for the finale, which consists of him sitting all the way, down on a big latex cock and getting off. He does it all looking so sexy, so hot, so turned on as he rides the big dildo. Thank God the camera was on a tripod; I was shaking so excitedly! And Nick is very excited as he closes his eyes, leans back, jacks his dick and rides the big toy. He shoots one of his picture perfect thick white cum shots across his belly and chest. He jumps up to show you his still hard cock and his cum splattered belly in the studio mirror. He plays with some tit clamps and then tells you how much he likes to get fucked. Bet you won't make it through this scene without poppin' one!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Nick reports for a shoot, but needs a shave. Why not film it; I think there's something sexy about watching a man in the bathroom! He lathers up and shaves and you see him from front and back looking great and getting harder and harder. Once in the shower, his cock is at full mast and looks even larger than its full 8 inches. Standing at a 90-degree angle, it's an impressive piece of meat! He soaps up and washes every nook and cranny (Love those nooks!!) and you see it all! He dries off and is still hard! Damn! After putting on his deodorant (he's very clean) he does a great butt shot over the counter.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Unfortunately the sound was messed up during the filming of Scene three, and you may want to turn it down. I left it in for the die-hard want-to-hear-everything guys. Nick is in a sling, flat on his back and legs in the air. He wants his ass hole trimmed, so I get out the clippers and happily oblige! Nick spreads is now bare hole so I can finger it. (Love my job, part 2) He kicks back as I enjoy playing with his ass and he enjoys playing with his dick! I bring out the toys and he gets fucked by the butt plug, and two different sized vibrators before I bring out the cucumber. No problem, he takes it and fucks his butt like there's no tomorrow! I jack his dick and he says, ''You re going to make me cum.'' And I do! Another thick white creamy load all over my hand, his cock and balls! Wow!

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Nick's Toy Box

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