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Signature Series - AJ

Producer's Note: AJ is a classically handsome 23-year-old stud. There is no other way to put it: He radiates sex appeal. His deep voice, bedroom eyes, movie star face, chiseled abs, bubble butt and dick of death would be too much for one man to have if he wasn't so disalarmingly innocent. He is totally straight and his brief interlude with toys is the only time anything has been near his ass! You see him from his very first shoot as he strips for the first time to his third shoot as a seasoned pro and get 3 cum shotz along the way.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

For his first time in front of the camera, AJ is dressed in a bright print shirt and khaki slacks. He seems a bit nervous as he flashes his beautiful smile. He is quick to start showing off his body and he starts by taking his shirt off. He shows you his biceps, pecs and sexy pits as he flexes and gets used to being in front of the hot lights. He has some great tattoos that seem at odds with his classically handsome face. He strips to his bikini briefs and this slow strip-tease lets you focus on his leg muscles and various body parts because once he is naked you will be looking at one thing only: his perfect cut dick. AJ goes through several costumes and puts on quite a show: skin tight denim jeans, tank tops, bikinis, football gear, jock straps, thongs and a tight pair of bright blue bicycle shorts that leave little to the imagination. He stops during the changes to show you his cock, butt or pits. It's hot! He even tries on a pair of tit clamps for the first time. But enough teasing, lets get to the meat! AJ gets in bed with a little pair of white Lycra shorts that he strips off over his head leaving his legs in the air for some great butt shots. He follows this great performance with a full Butt Show showing his sexy ass in every way he (and I) can think of! On his back, on his stomach, on his knees the view is always great and he is not shy as he spreads his hidden asset! He poses in front of the huge wall mirror in the studio and gets his dick hard. He jacks his dick until he shoots a creamy load on the mirror. After his pounding workout, he kisses his reflection in the glass.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Dressed in tight jeans and a sleeveless tee shirt, AJ is a blue-collar dream. He takes the shirt off and massages the swollen pouch in his jeans. When he can't stand it any longer he pulls his hard cock out and it's almost too much to bear! This totally hot stud plays with his cock juts for you and the private show he puts on is worth any ticket price! His cock is rock hard and stands at attention as he strips completely. He continues to play with his best friend and decides to open the sleep sofa and get in bed to relax. He shows his pretty butt again (I never get enough!!) and begins to jack his dick kneeling in bed. His cock is hard as a pistol and just as ready to shoot as he plays with his pierced nipple and rubs his chest. He shoots a thick, creamy load into his hand and shows you every drop of his creamy juice before smearing it on his chest.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

After all those great butt shots, I want to see something go in that hot hole. AJ quickly strips and gets back in bed. He begins to finger his hot ass before getting his legs up high and wide to shove a butt plug up his tight virgin ass. He isn't crazy about it, but flips over on his stomach and knees to show off. It's a thrilling site to see this straight stud loose his cherry right before your eyes. And he's such's good sport about it, too! He thinks that's enough butt play (again I never get enough!!) so he jacks his dick to a third climax just as thick and creamy as the first two!

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series - AJ

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