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Hart's Toy Box

Producer's Note: The second of Hart’s XXX videos, Hart’s Toy Box focuses on his anal education. No plot, not costumes or sets, just hot butt play!! And a sexy southern stud talking to you about what he’s doing and how he feels. And he even eats his own cum!! Hot! But this is totally different footage from his other videos: No repeat!!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Naked in bed, Hart has agreed to try some anal toys. The first time I asked him about doing that he said: That’s not going tom happen! But he changed his mind, and as he begins to finger his butt, I explain to him about his prostrate and how good this can feel! He goes from a finger to a butt plug to vibrators all the while jacking his hard dick. Each vibrator is bigger than the last and obviously increases Hart’s pleasure. He throws his beefy masculine hairy legs in the air so he can get the toys in deep all the while jacking his hard dick. He flips over on his knees so he can shove the toys in all the way and still jack his throbbing cock. He spreads all the toys out and talks to you about his anal progress and then takes a hot shower to clean the grease off. He dries off, puts on his deodorant, jokes about dropping the soap and calls it a day. Whew!!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Tied up with tit clamps, armbands, a dog collar and a hard on, Hart is waiting for your pleasure. He is soon blindfolded with an anal probe shoved in his butt and is still rock hard. The camera lovingly caresses his body. Hart is naked and hard standing by stool with a toy collection. He tells you exactly what he wants to do and proceeds to go at his butt. Fingers, plugs, vibrators, dildos, cukes all find a home in his hot ass, which is right next to his hard dick. Yes, he still stays hard as he progresses from one toy to a larger one. This is hot from the back as he bends over to fuck his butt and is also shot in a mirror on the floor so you can see his face, chest and hard dick bobbing in the air! This is some hot stuff as he plays with his eager hole and hard dick. But it’s time to get serious, so he sits on his favorite dildo and rides the toy jacking his dick. He sits on it front wards and back wards before sitting back on it front wards so you can him jack his dick and shoot a thick load.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Hart is naked in bed with his ever present hard on and begins to finger his butt with his butch legs in the air. This is going to be a hot toy session, no doubt about it! He plays with his butt going from finger to butt plug, to vibrator to larger vibrator, to beer bottle to cucumber all the while talking to you and jacking his hard dick. This guy wants it bad! He flips over on his knees to do the toys and looks hot on his knees with a cucumber stuck in his butt hands free!! Hart flips over on his back and fucks his hot straight ass with the cucumber jacking his dick as he fucks. Now its time for the really big guns and the over sized dildos come out. First, the 14” man-rammer slides home with a contented moan. After playing with the man-rammer and his hard dick for a while he flips over on his knees and actually sits down on the colossal anal invader. Is there anything this guy can’t do? He lies on his back and fucks his butt hard with the huge dildo and then Hart does the un-imaginable. He flips his legs over his head and shoots a load of cum in his own mouth and all over his face. He even blows a cum-bubble! This has to be a first! And man, is it hot!! Seeing the straight guy eating up his huge load is mind-blowing!

Classic Porn!

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Hart's Toy Box

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