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Signature Series - Austin

Producer's Note: Austin is 21, 5’ 11’’ and weighs about 160. He’s body is lithe, tight and smooth like a swimmer. But this guy changes tires for a living and gets into off road dirt biking for fun. He is straight and has a kid on the way, but he’s very gay friendly and has done shoots and videos with other guys for us. A really nice, open-minded guy with a great 22nd century attitude: if it feels good, do it! This is the story of this hot straight guy and his butt. Sounds like a party to me!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

After a short series of stills, Austin comes to life in an unbuttoned shirt and jeans, and he’s ready to strip. He’s quick to show you his stuff, which he is deservedly proud! His chest is lean and smooth, and he has the blondest body hair I’ve ever seen. Standing there shirtless with his jeans unzipped he’s a construction worker fantasy! He tries on some different shirts, and shorts stopping along the way to pose and make sure you see his sexy arm pits as he flexes. When he starts his nude posing, it’s almost too much of a good thing! Almost. He gets in bed, oils down his torso, licks his bicep, plays with his pits and nipples and gets his dick hard. Now, his dick never did look small, but hard, this sucker (literally!) is over 7 inches and fiercely erect! He holds it up to make sure you can see juts how big he is. He wants you to want him. He shoots a huge load half way up his chest, and then stands up so you can see it dripping down his torso!

A hot steamy shower is the next order of business and we continue his education coaxing him on how to pose, angels to use, and so forth. He’s an eager pupil and very willing to please and learn. He soaps up from stem to stern with extra attention on both! It’s almost like you have snuck into a straight guy’s bathroom and are watching him shower. After some intense scrubbing, he dries off and is ready to go. But not before he bends over the counter for another mouth watering butt shot! Enough for one day! I’m exhausted, too!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

He’s naked, hard and ready to go. Standing in front of the large mirror in the studio, he’s jacking his dick and it’s hot to see the two images side by side stroking two hard dicks. He jacks until he shoots a good size load on the mirror and then licks it off the glass. A straight guy eats his own cum! Hot, hot, Hot!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

In the studio dressed in a green tee and jeans, he surprises me by having nipple clamps on under his shirt. He strips the shirt so you can see his tender nipples and the chrome chains hanging from them. He strips completely and bends over for a really great spread butt shot. He’s never been butt shy, but there seems a new eagerness to show his tight little pink hole! He’s going to try some toys for the first time, so he does an on camera enema to prepare for his new adventure. He gets in bed naked and puts on a great butt show. Legs up on his back, on his stomach, on his knees, he spreads every way he (and I) can think of! You may not get past this part of the video for several times! It’s hot. He fingers his butt for the first time and you see his face as he enter his tight little hole. You also see it in close ups! He gets his dick rock hard and goes back to playing with his ass: first a finger, then a butt plug. He jacks his hard dick the whole time. After posing with the butt plug on his back, stomach and knees, he pulls it out and replaces it with a vibrator, which almost disappears! I make him tell us he is getting fucked to get him used to talking about playing with his ass, and he looks into the camera and says, I’m getting fucked! Too hot, too hot!

I think he might have had enough, but he wants to go on so he tries a larger vibrator and still his dick is hard. What is this guy’s limit? We decide to find out, and give him the infamous beer bottle. With some effort he makes the neck disappear and says he will try to fuck his tender ass with the cucumber! I can hardly hold the camera as the lucky green toy slides into this hot man’s ass. Thank God for the tripod; I was shaking so much; you never would have been able to see this! He flips over on his knees and really fucks himself hard with the bottle and the cuke. This guy really puts on a show! While on his knees, he spreads his dilated butt hole so you can see his progress! He wants to cum so he jacks his dick to another big climax on his chest.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Austin is ready to go all the way and wants to try sucking dick and getting fucked. I’m game if he is, so he gets down on his knees and takes a dick in his mouth for the first time! He’s pretty good at it and keeps sucking even jacking his hard dick while he does it. Then it s time to get on his back and gets fucked. After getting fingered with 2 fingers, I stick it to him and he takes it. On his side and on his back staying hard the whole time. After the fucking, he shoots in his hand and smears his white-hot load on his face!

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series - Austin

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