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Signature Series - Ethan

Producer's Note: Ethan is 22, 5’ 9’’ and as cute of a guy as I have ever filmed. He is a kid at heart and I think his ideal job would be in a kid’s toy store. He’s full of fun, polite, sensitive and really strives to please. He is straight (he has a kid) but seemed into being photographed (a lot) and worked hard to make each shoot special. He never refused to do anything I asked him to do. He’s naturally smooth and built like a college wrestler. His cut dick is one of the prettiest I have ever shot and his ass is worthy of poetry. In his video, you get to meet a charming sexy young man in his sexual prime venturing into unknown waters, and he’s ready to jump off the dock!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

In the studio for his first session, Ethan quickly strips to show the goods. This way too cute 22 year old guy is relaxed and very comfortable being nude. He casually poses showing his young biceps, chest and of course, his cock. He gets up on a posing platform and poses on his knees with a wicked killer sexy smile that just begs for attention. Of course, you see it from all sides, but especially from the back! After you’ve seen it all, he gets down to the second order of business and jacks his dick to a very respectable erection. His thick cut dick is over 6 inches and stays rock hard. His pleasure trail and hairy legs are the only body hair this kid has, so far! He is filmed from several angles before he shoots a very healthy load on his quivering belly. He gives you plenty of time to view the fruits of his efforts before standing up so you can watch his load drip down his body. A steamy sexy shower is the next order of business and you will want to be the hot water drops that run down his tight tanned torso, through his thick pubic hair and off the end of his thick dick. A few really lucky drops get into the crack of his ass. Then he dries off and gets dresser. I know he’ll be back.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Session two starts with a cute portrait shot and a heart-melting smile before he drops his pants and boxers. He starts to get hard from being exposed and looks very shy and sexy as he lifts his shirt to show you his erect nipples. He strips the rest of the way and poses for you showing his soon to be rock hard dick in its natural state. When this kid gets hard, he gets hard! And it stands straight up. Ah, to be 22 again! He jacks his dick in front of the infamous large mirror in the studio so you can see two Ethans at once. It’s a good thing. He gets in bed with a hard dick and flips over on his knees to spread his cute ass. He stands on the bed and jacks his dick, which is shot from all angles including down below so you are looking up at his thick dick and adorable smile. His dick is so hard the veins are popping; a real road map to pleasure. Lying on his back, he greases up his butt and begins to finger his hot ass. Jacking his dick as he explores his butt for the first time, his hands travel over his tight young body before reaching for a butt plug. The plug disappears and still his dick is hard. I can’t resist jacking his dick a little and he’s ok with it! If a little is good, bigger must be better, so Ethan replaces the butt plug with a vibrator. It feels great, so he gets a bigger vibrator, which he isn’t sure he can take. But he does and he’s still hard! He flips over to play with his ass and looks so hot with the vibrators stuck so far in him they stay hands-free! And yes, his dick is still hard, painfully hard! But he’s not finished, he fucks himself with the beer bottle, even sitting on his new friend and jacking his rock hard dick to a gushing climax on his belly. He gets dressed and then tells you what he’s done. So cute, so hot!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Back for a third session, Ethan strips and shows how he’s trimmed his pits for the camera Is he getting into this or what? Stripped naked and rock hard, Ethan is a visual treat. A close up of the head of this thick dick shows you the velvety texture of this butch young cubs skin. He’s anxious to get started and shows you all the toys he’s going to use and it looks like a fun shoot to me! First is the finger, then the butt plug, followed by the small vibrator. He’s getting into his anal education! His legs go up, he moves from toy to toy, jacking his hard dick the whole time. The larger vibrator feels so good he flips over on his knees and shows you how far he can shove it in and still stay hard. Again I can’t resist playing with his dick. Then he breaks with tradition and fucks his butt with a Miller bottle. (He doesn’t drink Budweiser, so he wanted the appropriate bottle for his ass!) It goes in and he’s still hard. But, can he take a 12’ English cucumber? Believe it or not, when I sent him to the store to get a cucumber, he came back with this foot long green monster! Some guys bring back a mini gherkin, but our Ethan is a trooper! He jacks his dick and strains to get the cuke home. He flips over and gets fucked on his knees and on his back with his cute butch legs in the air. Then I get to fuck him with the cuke! Wow, it’s good to be the king! He shoves a realistic latex cock up his butt and jacks his dick before sitting on the large rubber cock and jacking his dick. God, this kid looks great getting fucked! He can’t cum sitting on the dildo, so he changes positions and sits back down on it. You see him from the front and back riding the toy and grins, man, am I getting fucked! The determined fucker shoots all over is stomach and is in no hurry to get the 8’ cock out of his ass! Will he take the next step and go all the way?

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series - Ethan

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