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Signature Series - Cody Cash

Producer's Note: Cody Cash came to me right off the street and ready to do anything. He was 23 and had never been photographed before and was very eager to perform. He asked the leading question: What can I do to earn more money? Before I could even reply he is naked and hard. And he stayed that way for several months. Working with me in my construction company gave us a lot of opportunities to shoot. He was a fast learner and very at ease with his body. Once he discovered his ass, he was like a kid with a new toy. I put him in contact with a California agent and he left Florida in March of 2004 to do videos with Ken Ryker and Chad Donovan. Since then he has done a lot of videos where he almost always bottoms. But this was his first time.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Dressed in a red athletic shirt and jean cut offs, Cody’s winning smile and personality are apparent from the first frame. He is eager to show his hot tanned body and does every pose he is asked to do. Showing his nipples, pits, cock and butt seemed to make him happy and he can’t seem to spread his butt wide enough! Once he is naked, he oils up his torso and cock and gets hard. He is shot in a mirror so you can see Cody from two different angles. And it’s not too much of a good thing! He gets in bed with his raging hard on, which he proudly displays and puts on quite a butt show! He shows his finest asset every way he can: on his knees, legs up, on his stomach and spreads as wide as he can for the mouth watering close ups! His butt is naturally lightly hairy and his dick stays hard the whole time. Lying on his back, he oils up his butt cheeks and fingers his ass while he talks about his girl friend playing with his hot hole. That gets him all horny and he stand up to jack a huge load into his upturned hand. Then he smears his load all over his lips and licks it off!! Too hot!!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It’s time for Cody to have mansex for the first time and he eagerly pulls my pants down and chows down. Because there is just the two of us there and I have to be cameraman and stand in cock, I shot this scene in a mirror never planning to release this. But it was too hot to keep hidden. He sucks like a vacuum and is soon sliding on a rubber and greasing up his butt. He is hard as he sits on my cock and gets even harder riding me. I get him on his side and then on his back and fuck him until he cums. He is surprised that he came while getting fucked. For an old man, I felt pretty studly and he even takes my load on his face!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

It’s a couple of months later and he wants to show you all he has learned. And it would seem his anal education is complete. He does another butt show and his lightly furred butt looks great. He spreads wide and you seem to be juts inches from one of the hottest butts in porndom! He plays with a variety of butt toys: fingers, vibrators, dildos, beer bottles, cucumbers and a huge manrammer dildo before he sits right down on a large dildo and jacks his dick to an explosive load on his thigh. All the while his engaging chitchat and winning smile come through. He is in no hurry to get off the dildo and poses for some hot photos grinding all the way down on his latex buddy. After the shoot, Cody shows you one of his favorite photos of himself. Taken by a pool he looks all-American and wholesome. His comment is, ''Can you believe what this guy just did?'' No, I can’t!

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series - Cody Cash

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