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Signature Series Ben Patrick

Scene 1:

Ben Patrick is in the studio for an audition shoot to see if he has any potential to be an adult film star. We start with an interview where we learn some very interesting things: he s 19, straight and a high school star quarterback. He has a good presence and speaks with a natural air of confidence not found in many men his ages. And he is a man, not a boy. We hear his sexual history and it s pretty interesting. There s some typical high school sex stuff, but when we talk about his ass he is definite about no one or thing touching his sacred booty. Is that a challenge? After the interview, I opt for a slow reveal because I am really enjoying this guy. He stakes his shirt off and I am surprised by two things. First he has a really hairy chest for a 19 year old and secondly it is growing out from being shaved. Is there a kinkier side to Ben? I intend to find out! As he drops his pants, we see his thick cut cock and when he turns around he apologizes for his hairy butt! Once I assure him that his ass is fine (and boy is it!) we keep going with the sexy reveal. Once we ve seen the goods, Ben does a short costume shoot where we see him pose in sexy masculine duds to fuel our imagination. When we get to the underwear he doesn t object as they get smaller and smaller although he is worried about the thongs. I ve never had one on , he says. But that changes and we get to see it! All of the shoot so far has been to get him relaxed and ready for the next part of the shoot. When I feel he s mellowed out, I ask him to get in bed. He does and we joke about how long it took to get him in bed. I direct him through taking the underwear off which leaves him with his legs in the air. What a view! He shows us his hot hairy virgin ass on his back with his legs up and on his knees doggy style spreading his cheeks for our inspection. After his heart-stopping Butt Show Ben grabs his cock and starts working on it. It doesn t take long to get hard and he shows us a thick cut cock. At this point I don t know which is hotter: his ass or his dick! Ben jacks his hard dick and we see it from several angles. He starts really getting into it, his breathing get harder and he shoots a thick stream of cum all the way to his neck where it puddles. Spurt after spurt of hot jizz lands on his chest. When he s regained his strength he stands up and we see his load matting his chest hair and dripping down his torso.

Scene 2:

The second scene is 10 days later and Ben has been playing with butt toys. He lost his butt cherry in his second shoot which you can see in the Ben Patrick s Toy Box video. But this scene is all about going bigger. He has a little speech in the opening which is pretty straight-guy-sexy before we get down to business. He is wearing a jock strap and boots looking like a man from Colt Studios in the 1970s. He tells us what he s been up to and what s been up in him! He is relaxed and confident and says he enjoys the orgasm that toys produce! Rubbing his cock through the jock gets him all hot and bothered and hard as a rock! I take hold of his dick and jack it a bit and that is the first time another man as handled Ben s cock! Now that he aroused, it s time to play, so he puts some lube on his fingers and begins to tease his hole. Like your fingers are a tongue , I tell him. He relaxes his ass and slides a finger deep in his butt. Then I slide a pillow under his back so he can gets his legs up high and wide. I rub some lube on his hole and then finger fuck his ass slowly and deeply. It is the first time he has been penetrated by another man. First one finger and then two as he keeps jacking his hard dick. When we have both e his butt he slides a small butt plug deep in his ass with his legs still high and wide. He keeps working on his rock hard cock until I hand him a vibrator. He de-plugs and starts the vibrations before sliding the entire toy in his ass. He likes the vibrations and you can tell he is as into the toys as they are into him. In fact, he has to stop because he s about to cum! We take a short break and then he shoves the big red butt plug as deep as it will go. Flipping over on his knees he takes the plug doggy style and admits is feels pretty good. Next is the glass butt plug which allows us to see how dilated his butt is. His cock is getting harder and harder the more activity his but experiences. I get him to stand up and he comments on the weight of the glass plug versus the latex, I let him enjoy a few minutes with the plug before he fucks his ass with our infamous beer bottle. He has no trouble taking it to the shoulder of the bottle and of course his cock stays hard. Just as day follows night, the zucchini follows the bottle and Ben shoves it in so far he thinks he might never get it back! He poses for us on his back with his legs up and doggy style before settling on his side for some serious jacking. Ben shoots a thick white load on his hairy stomach and all over his hand and is exhausted. We talk for a minute before ending this hot shoot!

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Signature Series Ben Patrick

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