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Triple Hot - Volume #2

Scene 1:

Like the first volume of the Triple Hot Series, this video showcases three different men. First up is Bradley an 18 year old 6 2 lanky kid with a healthy sexual appetite. He has never done anything like this before but was brought in by our model Jason who is his neighbor. We start out with a little interview that quickly turns to sex talk and we learn a lot about the sex lives of young men! After the interview, he drops his pants and we see a pair of real low hanging balls under a pretty good sized cock. Though he shaves his chest for his girlfriend, his pubic hair is intact. When we get him in bed, we can see how hairy the lower half of his body are: legs, ass and crotch. He shows us his ass with his legs in the air as his virgin hole twitches probably reacting to being so vulnerable for the first time ever! He starts watching some porn and with the help of some lube gets his cock hard.

Stretched out in bed with his legs spread, Bradley looks hot. His sexuality is innocent to be sure, but it s like he is waiting to bust loose. And with Jason as a neighbor .

Bradley jerks his cock and shoots all over his belly but we re not done yet. I give him some lube and direct him through his very first attempt to play with his ass! He fingers his hole very shyly at first and then buries a butt plug in his primed ass. I have to help him get it in and he lifts his legs in the air so we can see it. Bradley and I talk about his experiences and we agree to do it again!

Scene 2:

Gio is our second man and I do mean MAN. He is 39 and from Puerto Rico. He sometimes works as a stripper. He is a neighbor of Keagan s who you met in Tripe Hot Volume 1. We get to know him through a short conversation and soon get to the skin! He stands up to strip and I am surprised that he s wearing briefs with the whole ass cut out! Well, since he s serving butt, I figure he s not going to be shy about showing it, so I tell him to spread em! After showing us his hole he oils his body and starts enjoying himself. While one handle fondles his chest the other goes right to his cock and balls. Once he gets hard Gio starts fingering his butt getting it ready for a plug. Next he fucks his ass with a long glass dildo which almost disappears! He also gets fucked with a vibrator (which he really likes) and then a big red butt plug. All the while he is working his big cock. Gio shoots a thick load on his belly while he is plugged in and then heads for shower.

He enjoys the hot steamy shower and pops the plug out of his ass just before drying off!

Scene 3:

Our third man is Cameron who I have been shooting for 11 years! When we met he was a pre-law college student. Now he s an event promoter and having a blast! When we catch up with him he is in bed wearing a jock strap. He starts rubbing the jock and fingering his butt and to no one s surprise get an enormous erection. I can t resist going for it and he kicks back while I play with his big, hard dick. After we finger his ass he goes for some toys working his way from vibrators to plugs. His rock hard dick is always in his other hand! While plugged in. Cameron jerks his cock standing up and on his knees. Which is a pretty sexy sight! After I pull the plug on him (literally!) he shoves the big 12 ManRammer dildo as deep as he can. Not only does this make his toes curl, it makes him shoot a load all the way to his lips! Of course he licks it off and I keep jerking his cock when it is super sensitive which makes the big guy squirm like a little bitch!

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Triple Hot - Volume #2

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