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Signature Series Ashton

Scene 1:

I saw Ashton at a restaurant where he is a server and was knocked out by his beautiful blonde hair and sexy smile. But he wasn t my server, so I asked the girl who was to give him my card. I ddin t hear from him and forgot all about it. Then out of the blue he called but I wasn t sure who he was, so I agreed to meet him in a popular open air bar at lunch time. He was even hotter than I had remembered! We did a very short shoot that day and he came in to the studio the next day. I concentrated on costumes and I often do on the first shoot to make the model more relaxed and used to the camera. The first scene in the video is this shoot. We get to see the 21 year old 5 10 Ashton as he was when he first walked in and then in various outfits that get more and more revealing. I am very surprised that he has a hairy chest as he comes off like an All-American swimmer with a smooth build. But he is a swimmer in real life and we get to hear some stories about prepping for a meet. While he is shirtless he flexes as the camera glides over his wonderful body and we can only imagine how sexy the whole image would be! We talk as he poses and he is intelligent, well informed, funny and getting more relaxed. I decided not to push him too far, but do get him down to a jock strap and some naked butt!

Scene 2:

Round two is a week later and he is happy to be back. We have talked several times and he is ok with not only nudity but will jack off for the camera! We talk about sex as he slowly reveals his body. I am not disappointed ad neither will you be. He looks great naked! He gets in bed and soon has a fist full of hard cock. His dick is thick and sturdy with a big head and his balls are large and meaty. They look like they are full of cum! When he is totally hard Ashton stands up giving us a different view in the big studio mirror. He gets back in bed and I direct him through the Butt Show and believe me, his ass is worth a whole video! Of course it s firm and well-rounded and is virgin but I wonder for how long? This one may be a challenge! Ashton keeps jerking his thick cock until he shoots a good sized load on his belly! It is thick and white and very creamy! Yum!

Scene 3:

For Ashton s third shoot we are going a bit further. We talk about his first two shoots and what he thought about them before he strips and gets in bed. His cock gets hard very quickly and as he s lying there jacking off, I nonchalantly hand him a small butt plug. He looks at it and thirty seconds later it is embedded in his tight butt. He continues playing with his dick, lifting his hefty balls out of the way until I ask him to stand up. He s surprised how the plug feels as he walks around and bends over to show us his plugged-in ass. Getting back in bed he changes to a vibrator and manages to take it all the way so I hand him a bigger one. Ashton seems to like the vibration and fuck his ass on his back and on his knees. I grab his hard dick to show you how rock hard he is! So far so good, so I fuck his ass with the toy as he fucks back with his hips He is bucking and riding the toy with such intensity that I fuck him harder. He shoots all over his belly. We talk about how it felt and he heads for the shower. We watch his strength come back as the warm water refreshes the exhausted young athlete.

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Signature Series Ashton

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