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JackBuddies 91

Scene 1:

This 2 hour video features Josh, a 31 year tall and tanned lithe hairy guy and Dylan, who s 21, smooth and stockier. They are both straight but show you how much they have expanded their sexual horizons since they met Mark Gemini! They each have a great solo scene with toys before they engage in a classic bare back flip flop!

The first scene stars 21 year old Dylan getting a rather complete massage. Stretched out on the table with a skimpy pair of shorts, he is quickly maneuvered onto his stomach as the massage starts with some oil. Nimble hands explore every inch of this young man s glorious body as his shorts are lowered exposing two perfect twin globes of ass flesh. He gets slapped on his ass as the hands continue their exploration. He turns over to allow the front of his smooth body to be worked on. His shoulders chest and pits are massaged before the hands liberate his already stiff cock. Stroking, jacking and fondling result in him getting even harder and his hefty balls are played with. Dylan is again placed on his stomach and the hands go to work on his ass. Now he totally stripped and his hard cock pressed into the table. His cheeks are spread and his tight pink hole exposed and fingered. He is fucked with a vibrator which makes him moan with new-found pleasure. The vibrator is replaced with a big red butt plug and his cock is still rock-hard.

Dylan gets up on his knees like he's being fucked doggy style which allows better access to both his cock and plugged ass. He again gets fucked with fingers, vibrators, dildos and even a zucchini before he is ready for a big ManRammer latex cock! Moaning fuck me the young man surrenders himself to the carnal pleasure he's experiencing. After getting fucked long hard and deep by the faux Dylan takes the butt plug again and gets jacked off with latex fifi . He s given the choice of the mouth or ass and opts for the mouth. Jacking with the fifi is replaced with plain old bare handed jacking and he shoots all over the hand and his cock. As a perfect ending, Dylan is fed his own jizz which runs down his chin.

Scene 2:

The second scene is a toy shoot with a great facial cum shot. Josh is 31, 6'2 and is more experienced than Dylan. He s been doing shoots for me for ten years and has mastered many of the toys in the Gemini Toy Box. So today we start with him naked in bed talking about the toys. He is going to try some larger toys and picks up a huge latex dildo that is so big he can t get it in his mouth. We decided to just see how far he gets so Josh starts by getting his own dick hard. With that accomplished, he starts fingering his butt and soon has two fingers deep in his ass.

He pulls his legs back and wraps his arms around to get maximum penetration. He takes a medium sized vibrator and fucks his butt with long strokes enjoying the new sensation of the vibrations on his prostate. He gets fucked on his back, then flips over for some doggy style action and then back on his back for some very deep fucking while he jacks his rock hard cock.

Next Josh picks up a not-so miniature baseball bat, greases it up and slides it deep into his body. Again he fucks and jacks and even stands up to get fucked in the big studio mirror. He moves on to a black latex dildo which seems to be a good fit. He shoves it in his ass and then maneuvers his hips up and down riding the fake cock. He pulls his legs back inside his arms and fucks his own ass long hard and deep. He gives himself a great fucking and still wants more. He tries two more large toys and I have to give him the proverbial a for effort , but finds the tried and true ManRammer dildo just right.

To heighten his pleasure, Josh clamps some clothes pins on his nipples and attacks his ass with the dildo. He really goes at his ass and fucks himself pretty hard until he just has to cum. He throws his legs over his head and shoves the black latex cock deep in his butt. Fucking it like crazy, josh shoots on his face and in his open mouth. When he regains his composure, Josh talks to you about the shoot, what he did and how it felt. After showing you his used and abused hole, he takes a long hot shower as we watch.

Scene 3:

The main even is the pairing of Josh and Dylan for a bareback flip flop fuck. Because Josh came straight from work, we decided to start the shoot in the shower. So we have leaner, older and hairier Josh and younger, smoother Dylan together naked, which is a damn good start. The guys kiss and take turns soaping each other's bodies getting them all clean for some dirty fun. Josh is the first to make a move and he goes down to Dylan s cock and starts sucking. After getting Dylan hard, they change positions and Dylan gives as good as he got and Josh gets hard. And just for the record, Dylan drops the soap .twice!

The guys are kneeling on a bed kissing. They are wearing jeans and have taken their shirts off. As they kiss, Josh pushes Dylan back on his knees and works his way down to his dick. Dylan s cock enjoys the attention it s receiving and he just kicks back and goes with the flow. Josh has gotten to be an accomplished cocksucker! But Dylan is learning fast and he shows Josh he s been paying attention as he sucks and licks Josh s own hard dick.

The guys switch it up for some 69 action so they both can enjoy a hot mouth and this starts them thinking about some ass play. While they suck each other, they start fingering each other s tight asses. Soon they are sliding butt plugs deep into each other! They keep mutually sucking while they are plugged in . With Josh on his back and his legs up, Dylan slides his fat cock deep in his ass fucking him with slow deliberate strokes that go deeper and deeper. He gets fucked on his back and on his knees and then sits down on Dylan s thick cock for a good ride. Josh tells him the he is using his cock to fuck his ass and that about says it all! Josh is a bottom in control until Dylan takes over thrusting deep into his partner s hungry ass.

Dylan lays on his side and Josh slides his cock in deep. He gets fucked facing the camera and from the back and we see it all in some tight close ups. He's obviously enjoying Josh s attention as he kicks back and takes a hard fucking. They continue fucking with Dylan on his back before it s his turn for a ride. Dylan sits on Josh and Josh fucks into his tight ass until Dylan shoots several spurts of hot white cum. While Dylan rests after his exertion, Josh shoots his load on Dylan s face. An appreciative Dylan sucks the cock that just fucked him so well, and Josh licks his own cum off Dylan s face. The guys kiss and who knows where it goes from here?

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JackBuddies 91

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