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JackBuddies 90

Scene 1:

The first scene is a solo toy shoot featuring Brent. The ruggedly handsome marine is out of the corps now and has returned to civilian life for good. He s 31 and wears his age very well. Tanned and beefy, Brent still is a man of few words, but when he does speak his voice is deep and sexy. When we begin, he s already in bed wearing a small black boxer style bathing suit and we catch up on what he s been doing. It s good to see him and I can t wait to get him naked and get going on some toys! I direct him through taking the suit off with his legs in the air and when he spreads his butt, I say there s our target . He breaks out in a big grin.

He s naked so the next thing is to get his cock hard so he starts jacking it. I get to move in on him and play with his hard dick and balls; God, I love my job! Brent goes back to working on his own cock and when I suggest he lube a finger, he does and goes right for his tight asshole getting it ready for his first toy: a small black butt plug. Once it is installed in his ass he goes back to working on his cock. I guess the marines are good training for porn, because he does what I tell him to without hesitation, so we see him on his knees doggy style jacking his cock with a plug in his beefy butt! While he s on his knees, I pull the plug out and finger his hole. Next is a longer pink dildo that we use in our strap-on scenes where a girl fucks the guy; Brent thinks it s too big but proceeds to stuff it up his waiting ass.

Next is a vibrator and this is the first time he s experienced vibration I his butt. It s a new feeling, but I think he kinda likes it. Hey Mikey! He fucks his butt and gets in a doggy position so I can fuck him with the vibrator before moving on to his next butt toy. Which is a big red butt plug which makes Brent groan as he pushes it up his ass without missing a stroke on his cock! He keeps working on his dick until I ask him to stand up and bend over. We are both surprised when the plug falls out of his ass! In fact, we both crack up!

Brent fucks his ass with a zucchini which also fall out so we go to a big glass butt plug that should stay anchored in his ass. He works on his cock enjoying the full feeling in his nether regions and soon shoots a load of thick white cum on his belly. He stands up so we can survey the damage and guess what? The butt plug falls out of his ass!

Brent takes a long hot shower and we watch as the water caresses every inch of his tanned muscular body. And he drops the soap!

Scene 2:

It s the very next day and I have called 22 year old Dylan in to film a video with Brent. They are already naked and watching porn on the bed. After some talking, Brent leans over and kisses the younger pup who is very receptive. They kiss until Brent pushes Dylan down on his back and then kisses his way south. He inhales Dylan s cock and sucks it like a lollipop. Dylan kicks back with his hands behind his head and enjoys the blow job.

Dylan returns the favor taking Brent s cut cock deep in his throat and sucking stopping only to kiss and lick his balls. Brent comes up behind his bro and slides his dick deep in Dylan s tight ass and starts fucking him wildly. Dylan moans in approval of the deep thrusts he s receiving. Brent fucks him doggy for a minute before getting his legs in the air for some really long, hard deep fucking. From the sounds he s making Dylan likes the treatment he s getting. They fuck until Brent thinks he has to split. He kisses Dylan and heads for the door, but Dylan pulls the big guy back in bed with his legs in the air and slides his cock into the surprised Brent.

Dylan gives as good as he got and shoves his hard dick deep into Brent who takes it like a pro. It s hot to see this hutch straight man get fucked on his back with so much enthusiasm! When Dylan finally pulls his cock out of Brent s ass, Brent goes back to sucking on Dylan until he shoots all over Brent s face. Brent sucks Dylan s dick with cum dripping of his chin and after they kiss, Dylan licks his own cum off Brent s chin!

Next it s Brent s turn to shoo on Dylan s face and after he does, Brent eats his load! The guys take a hot shower together and there s more kissing, sucking and playing with each other s hard bodies before they kiss one last time and call it a day.

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JackBuddies 90

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