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Dylan's Toy Box

Scene 1:

We join 22 year old Dylan relaxing on a sofa watching porn. He talks directly to you about his need to get fucked but since he s alone, toys will have to do. His cock is already hard as he fondles in through the jock strap he s wearing. But wanting better access to his throbbing member, he slides the jockstrap to his ankles, pulls his legs over his head giving us a first look at his horny, juicy butt! We get some good footage of Dylan jacking his hard cock before he goes for his first toy: a medium sized vibrator. He gets on his knees and works some lube deep into his anxious was before sliding the toy deep inside. He fucks his butt and jacks his dick and starts feeling very good! But bigger is better so he gets out a much large and longer vibrator with which he can violate his own butt!

Dylan talks to himself as he gets fucked and his pleasure is obvious. He flips over from his back with his legs in the air to his knees and continues his mad fuck. He is so into getting fucked that he lets me take control of the dildo. Next he's stretched out on the floor getting ready to take a beer bottle deep in his ass. Legs up, ass on a pillow he buries the Butt-wiser deep in his aching ass His lands go to his cock and he jerks it with pleasure. But he seems to be in an adventurous mood, so he soon moves on to a ripe garden fresh zucchini! He shoves the natural dildo so deep in his butt it almost disappears while he plays with his dick.

The zucchini leaves his ass stretched and dilated and ready for his dream lover, the 12 ManRammer dildo! Like a good lover, Dylan sucks his dream lover cock before asking to be fucked. Dylan slides a condom on the faux phallus and slowly pushes it up his waiting ass moaning with pleasure as it hit his target! It isn t very long until Dylan shoots a stream of hot cum up his belly and I am amazed with the volume of his load! When he pulls the dildo out of his ass, I was again amazed at how deep he had it. Some good looks at his just fucked hole and sizeable load and we close for the day!

Scene 2:

Dylan is naked and in bed in the studio. His cock is hard and he s ready for some ass play. I give him a helping hand with his hard dick and finger his butt with two fingers to get him going and then slide a big red plug in his butt. He continues jacking off and after a while gets on his knees doggy style. Again I can't resist his cock and ass! Flipping over on his back, he de-plugs in a close up so tight you can hear his ass pop! We take turns fingering his hole before he gets a thick vibrator, turns it up the max and gets fucked with it. The vibrations increase the intensity of his pleasure but he chooses size over power and fucks his ass with ManRammer dildo. Holding the toy still he lets his ass fuck the toy as he grinds down it, putting on quite a show! Dylan is very vocal about his passion and when I take the ManRammer and fuck him he goes wild!

Lastly, Dylan sits on a big black dildo and rides it up and down facing the camera and back to the camera; there are some great close up penetrations shots, too. When he turns around to face us again, we notice he has clothes pins on his nipples to heighten his experience. He keeps the toy fucking in and out of his butt until he shoots on his smooth thigh. Not wanting his fuck to end he keeps riding the dildo until I hand feed him some of his own cum! When I can finally get him off of the dildo, we talk about the shoot and his take on it is very interesting!

Dylan takes a hot steamy shower to recover from his intense sexual experience and we call it a day!

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Dylan's Toy Box

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