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Bruce's Butt Show Jack Off

Scene 1:

Bruce was 26 when I met him. He s 5 8 and weighs 170 solid pounds and could be called a good ole boy You will hear his delightful accent as we talk. I saw him walking down the street with his shirt unbuttoned and thought6 he looked sexy. I stopped and talked him into coming back with me to the studio right then and there! You see it all from the beginning as it happens and you can t get more real than that!

His shirt is still unbuttoned and we catch a glimpse of a tanned chest with a little fur but it is his bright smile and flashing eyes that really stand out. I direct him through a slow sexy strip and he reluctantly reveals his muscular tanned bod and I don t think he has even been in a gym. It s all from hard workin the Florida sun. He poses in some different clothes which often relaxes a new recruit and it seems to be working because Bruce checks himself out each time he changes! We get shots of his broad chest and bulging biceps and hairy pits as he changes.

We take a break and Bruce heads for the pool and when he comes back into the studio he dries off and we get back to work. Now he s naked and we get to see what he s kept hidden son far. He has a nice thick cut cock and big balls. His pubes are natural. We go through some underwear posing to get him used to showing his ass.

Bruce gets in bed wearing some tightie-whities and looks hot. After we check him out he puts his legs in the air and slides the underwear to his ankles. We get a nice look at his tight ass. I direct him through a butt show where we get to see this handsome straight man on his back and stomach like he s going to get fucked. In other words, we see him as no one else ever has! After the butt show, I squirt some oil on his chest and he starts rubbing it and working his way down to his cock and balls. His cock got hard the instant he touched his body, so he starts jacking his hard cock. He jacks it over-hand and under-hand and stands up so we can see his whole body

Back in bed he goes back to jacking and puts on a great show! We see it in wide shots and tight close ups until he shoots a thick white load on his belly. He stands up and I out some nipple clamps on him for a new experience. When I ask if he s ever worn them before, he answers Fuck, no!

Back in bed he gives us another good look at his ass and he s getting more comfortable spreading his cheeks! We finish up and agree to meet again in a few days.

Scene 2:

Two days later Bruce is back and this time he strips quickly. We get to see his hunky body and just to see if he ll let me, I try trimming his pubes but he wants to do it himself. Getting back in bed he spreads out and appears to be relaxed. But beads of sweat running from his musky pits tell a different story. He gets his cock hard with some oil and I begin to think about getting him to finger his ass and maybe take a small toy. So as he jacks, I walk him through starting to play with his butt. I get him to tease his hole with one finger but that s it. So Bruce spreads himself wide open and does a second butt show that almost makes up for my disappointment!

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Bruce's Butt Show Jack Off

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