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How To Fuck A Str8t Man #2

The question I get asked most often is: how do you get a straight guy to have gay sex. The short answer's $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, but in reality it takes a lot of physical and mental prep. Like the line from the movie The Boys in The Band says right lighting, right wine and damn few aren't curious seem to ring true time and time again. The guys get to know and trust me during their practice shoots and often their very first same sex sexual encounter is with me. I know it's a tough job, and the line forms to the right! These videos were never meant to be seen; they were strictly practice. In some of the older ones the camera shake is terrible before I learned different set ups to film them wile I was fucking them. (You try holding a camera while your cock is up a hot straight guy's ass and see how steady you are!) The few people who had seen these tapes have been bugging me to release them and I have to say it was fun putting this together. A sort of high school annual for the Gemini School of Anal Sex. Each guy is interviewed and has to tell you what he about to do is. They are made to say they are going to get fucked. Then they get fucked in a variety of positions and look right into the camera as they suck cock and get fucked. It is incredibly intimate! Some get off some, don't but each experience is a milestone in his sexual history and you will witness it as it happens.


First up is Josh. He is blonde, 18, 6ft 2in and weighs 176. He has a kid and has never had sex with a guy. Though he is willing and even enthusiastic, he gags on his first attempt to suck dick. But with some instruction, he makes a good cocksucker. Josh gets fucked in a variety of positions: on his side, on his back, doggy style and riding cock. He doesn't cum be he does get a wad of cum down his throat!


Secondly is Cameron. He is 22, 6ft, 160 pounds, has dark hair and is straight but admits to being bi-curious. He works as a bartender in a club and likes to party a lot but is studying pre-law. He strips and gets right down to business getting his own cock hard and then sucking dick for the first time. He even gets his mouth fucked hard and deep before lying on his back and taking a cock in his pretty little virgin ass. He takes it in a variety of positions before fucking his own ass with a vibrator until he shoots on the mirror and licks it off! Quite a first time experience and we get to watch!


Billy is a 23 year old straight guy from France. He is 5ft 10in, 140 lbs, straight and has an uncut cock. He works in a pizza place and is really one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He admits to having his own cock sucked by a guy but never thought he would reciprocate but, hey, money talks, and you-know-what walks!! He strips and chows down on my dick and with typical first time coaching does a really good job. After prepping his ass with a vibrator he also gets fucked in several positions and shoots his load riding my dick!


Jason is a nationally ranked Jet Ski champion. He is 23, 5ft 10in and weights 165 pounds. He has a kid and is fun to hang out with. After a brief interview, he strips and sucks dick for the first time. Again he has to have some instruction but is a quick learner. Jason gets finger fucked and then fucked for real moving through a variety of positions including some trick mirror shots and some tight close ups. He cums while riding my cock and is astounded that he was able to get off with a cock in his ass.


Dustin is 29, 5ft 8in and weighs a solid 165. His brother Austin is an almost look alike twin and both have done a lot of vides for Gemini. But this was how he lost his virginity. He knew his brother had already been fucked and I think he was a little curious. He starts out waving a condom and a jar of lube, tells us what he's about to do, and then sucks my cock while jacking his own cut meat. He gets fucked in several positions and jacks his own dick; I shoot on his back while fucking him doggy and he jacks his dick until he blows all over his tanned chest! Yum!

Bonus Scene Not Pictured...Austin

Austin is Dustin's brother and he's 3 years younger but is the more dominant. He is taller 5ft 10in and leaner though just as muscular. Always the first to explore new things, this wasn't the first time Austin got fucked; that was when he was 21 and is in his video Signature Series Austin. Here he is back in the studio after a few years hiatus and almost a virgin. He does a sexy strip which shows his cock is already starting to get hard. He sucks cock getting more and more into it. After prepping his ass with a toy, he slides rubber on my dick. I get to finger his ass and then slide seep in his hot, tight ass! Life is good! He gets off with my cock deep in his ass while he is riding me.

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How To Fuck A Str8t Man #2

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