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Eli Gets Worked Over

This video was a treat to film and edit. 28 year old Eli is so masculine and is so honest and vocal about his anal enjoyment it's a pleasure to watch (and hear!) He comes twice in the first shoot and three times in the second always with something deep in his butt. The camera work gets a little shaky as I am filming, fingering and dying all at the same time! But you will feel like you are deep in this hot guy's ass!

Eli is back in the studio after a particularly wild toy shoot the day before. In that shoot he learned how good an anal orgasm can be, and proved to me that he was ready for a shoot where his ass gets a good working over. He starts out on the sofa in a skimpy brief and tells us all about the shoot, what he did, how it felt and future of his ass play! He shows us his ass on his back with his legs up and on his knees doggy style. I tell him to strip and it doesn t take long because all he's wearing are the small briefs. The camera moves in close to his handsome face and pans down his body through his armpit to his nipple and continues south to his cock and balls. As I play with his cock and balls, he starts to harden and I keep going until he's rock hard. I mean why do it half way; you wouldn t stop, would you?

Eli gets comfortable on the sofa with his hard dick and some lube and works on getting his ass prepped for the shoot. He has fun playing with his stiffy and we get some great shots as he starts to finger his hole. Eli gets his ass relaxed and ready for the first toy of the day: a medium sized vibrator which he slides in as deep as it will go! He fucks his ass and as he turns over on his knees, you can see how hard his cock is. Eli fucks his ass doggy style and gets fucked some more. He fucks his ass, I fuck his ass and still his cock stays stiff. Next are a bigger vibrator and then a not-so-miniature baseball bat! All find their way deep into Eli's hot body.

Now that his ass is ready, Eli is handcuffed and strung up with his hands over his head wearing some cut off Levis. He is blindfolded and nipple clamps are applied to his chest. The clamps are replaced with clothespins which pinch harder. I work on his cock through his jeans before liberating the stiff sword. I get to manipulate it and work it over in some tight close ups before moving to his ass for some deep fingering. An anal probe is worked into his tight hole as he is strung up and his bare ass is roughly spanked leaving handprints on his velvet cheeks. He is fucked with the probe as his dick is jacked.

Eli gets hotter and hotter as he's worked over and when he's put on his back with his legs pinned over his head, with the probe fucking his ass he shoots twice! In his own words you hear just how he felt and how excited this shoot made him!

In the second part of the shoot, Eli starts out in a small black tank top and tells you what he's about to experience: a shoot where he gets fucked with toys while suspended in the sling. He tells you about his expectations, and his hard dick shows you how excited he is!

Eli is in the sling on his back, his legs in the air and his ass wide open. And his dick is hard! I start to play with his cock and balls getting him ready for a good work out. And true to form, Eli cums twice in two minutes while he's getting finger fucked and he's very vocal about it!

Still in the sling I tell him that now that he has come, we can get out the toys and really fuck his ass and he agrees! First he gets fucked with a medium sized vibrator and his cock is till hard! Next is a larger vibrator and then a glass butt plug which takes a few attempts to get up his butt, but which shows how dilated his tight as hole is!

Next is the larger red butt plug which he enjoys while his hard dick is played with. Again nipple clamps are applied and he is made to hold the chain in his teeth as they pinch his nipples. This time they seem to heighten his pleasure as he enjoys the plug in his butt and his cock jacked. His ass gets fucked with the plug before it is replaced with a zucchini! He takes about 95% of the green dildo at first and very soon it almost disappears in his butt. He pops the zucchini out of his ass hands free!

I take the clamps off and rub his nipples which sends him writhing in pain that feels so good! Again they are replaced with clothes pins and remember he is still blindfolded. If you see a zucchini in a Gemini video, you know a beer bottle can t be far away and so it goes. A beer bottle is inserted in Eli's well fucked ass and in fact, fucks him some more! His ass is fucked and his cock jacked and Eli just takes it and enjoys the work out!

Eli gets fucked long, hard and deep with a day glow orange dildo as he moans and groans in orgiastic pleasure. He can t get enough!

After so much fucking, Eli says he wants to come again, so I insert a variable speed battery prostate massager deep in his ass. He can control the intensity and work on his dick at the same time. He shoots another big, thick load all over his balls and the toy. He tries to talk about today's experiences but he's just too exhausted so he hits the shower for some R&R.

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Eli Gets Worked Over

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