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JackBuddies #85

Both Brandon and Josh are tall (6' and 6'2'' respectively) both are in their middle to late 20's both are actively straight. Brandon is smooth; Josh is furry. Brandon has been doing guys for four years now, but I have spent 10 years trying to get Josh to try a shoot with another guy. Here are the results and I think you will find this to be one hot fuck! I have to say that I didn't edit out some of the camera shake as I thought it would make for a choppy video, but see how steady you hold a camera when two straight men are fucking their brains out just for you!

Josh has been a tough nut to crack. I've known him for 10 years and although he does a lot of toys, he has resisted actual contact with another man. But today's the day and I am ready for him to loose his cherry! The scene starts out with Josh fully dressed and a little nervous. We talk a bit about his past when he and a childhood friend exchanged blow jobs when they were 11 or 12. He has never been fucked and the only thing that has gone in his ass are the toys he's tried in my studio. He strips slowly and then spreads his hairy ass.

He starts sucking cock and does a better than average job actually trying to do it like he would like it! Next he works on his ass with some toys and goes back to sucking dick while he fucks his own ass with toys! But the main event is when Josh lies on his side, takes a few fingers and then a cock up his butt. He gets fucked on his side, on his back jacking his hard dick. The he sits on my cock and rides it until he gets off! In a post script, Josh talks about his deflowering and we make plans for a real man-to-man shoot for him!

The second session starts with Brandon and Josh naked and in bed. We talk to them a bit and suggest that they start making out. Since this is Josh's first time with a guy, I expect him to be a little reluctant and he says he is nervous. But he jumps right in and lets Brandon slide his tongue in his mouth. They exchange kisses for a few minutes before Josh lie back on the bed and Brandon takes his cock in his mouth. Brandon gives a good blow job and Josh enjoys the expert oral attention he's receiving! Kissing, licking and sucking on Josh's cock continues until they change positions and then Brandon gets to kick back and get blown! Sucking one at a time gets them started and leads to a side by side 69.

While Josh goes to the bathroom, Brandon pulls out some toys and starts fucking his own ass. When Josh comes back he is surprised and asks what's going on. Brandon says, I m getting my ass ready for you to fuck! When he feels he is ready, Brandon gets on his knees to get Josh ready. Sucking Josh's cock gets them both ready and Josh fucks Brandon on his side and then on his back. There are some tight penetration shots for your pleasure. At one point Brandon wraps his arms around his legs, pulls them back as far as he can so Josh 's cock can get deep inside him! Good Stuff here!

Brandon says he wants to fuck Josh, and Josh agrees but thinks he better use some toys like Brandon did. So we see Josh use some vibrators in himself to stretch his hole. Josh gets on his side and Brandon slides his cock deep in his hairy hole. Brandon slams his ass then gets Josh on his knees for some deep doggy pounding as Josh spreads his ass to take it even deeper. Next Josh is on his back spread wide open for Brandon's dick and he takes it to the hilt as he moans ''Fuck me!''

Josh sits down on Brandon's cock facing us and rides it until he shoots a big load on his hairy thigh. Brandon keeps fucking him and even though he just came, Josh sits back down on Brandon to ride him facing away from the camera. Brandon kneels over Josh jacking his own dick until he shoots all over Josh's hairy hole. They talk about their close encounter of a sexual kind and kiss before heading for the showers.

Under the hot water Brandon and Josh take turns kissing and sucking each other until they end with a sexually charged deep kiss!

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JackBuddies #85

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